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So here are my goals for autumn (and technically winter too, including December) and my first semester of uni. Enjoy!

Academic Related Goals

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  • apply for a spring research position
  • join at least 3 clubs
  • become a paid tutor
  • pass my exams
  • maintain "good" grades in my classes
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  • start selling my notes
  • complete every assignment at least 2 days ahead of the due date
  • participate more in classes/ask lots of questions
  • dedicated study between 2 and 3 hours every day
  • go to study and review sessions

Diet Related Goals

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  • have one day of vegan/plant-based eating each week
  • limit meat consumption to once a day
  • drink 2 liters of water a day
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  • eat 2 vegetable servings with lunch and dinner
  • eat 2 fruit servings with breakfast
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  • have one carb and one protein with each meal
(ex. brown rice and tofu, potatoes and salmon)
  • eat a treat/indulgent food three times a week
(ex. chocolate chip cookie, slice of pizza, ice cream)
  • eat balanced meals regularly

Fitness Related Goals

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  • workout at least 4 times a week
  • reach 10,000 steps each day
  • 1 abs day
  • 1 legs/glutes day
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  • 1 HIIT/cardio day
  • 1 arm/back day
  • start working on my splits again

Wellness Related Goals

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  • journal every day
  • do positive affirmations at least every other day
  • do one social get-together at least once a week
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  • do one intentional self-care activity at least once a week
(ex. face mask on Sunday night, getting Starbucks after class)
  • keep phone screen time to 2 hours or less on average
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  • read one book every week
  • listen to positive & enriching podcasts

Mixed Goals

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  • write one chapter in my book or 5,000 words every week
  • do laundry once a week
  • make more videos for my YouTube channel
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  • keep my dorm room tidy and organized
  • make new friendships, talk to more people
  • visit different places on and around campus
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  • get outside more (when the weather is a bit cooler)
  • save up money and limit spending (especially unnecessary food spending)
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  • start new Christmas traditions with my roommate, college friends, and floormates
  • become more confident and bold, step out of my comfort zone

And that's all! I really hope you liked this article and found it motivational and inspirational! If you did leave a heart! My Insta DMs are always open if you wanna talk!

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