Fiction or Non-Fiction?

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Fiction Almost always fiction for me

Poetry or Prose?

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Paperback, Hardcover, or E-Book?

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I actually love all three types of book but my favorite is paperback for practical reasons.

Crisp New Books or Second-Hand Shop Finds?

Crisp New Books

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I just love the smell and the feel that you get from a new book. I also take care realy good all of my books they all look like new ones.

Where is your favorite reading spot?

My bed

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Austen or Brontë?

Emily Bronte

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Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books. But of course i love both sisters Bronte and Jane Austen.

Romance or Tragedy?


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That was a hard one, depents actually

Fairytales or Horror Stories?


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That was even harder. The true answer is both, But there is just something about fairytales and retailings of fairytales .

Which language would you like to learn?

Russian and Gaelic

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Which instruments would you like to learn?


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Art Galleries or Museums?


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Musicals or Plays?


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I dont know really

Theatre or Film?


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What Music Are You Currently Listening To?

Imagine Dragons and One republic

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Dancing Under The Stars or Dancing Comfortably At Home In Your Livingroom?

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Propably i would choose dancing at home but im feeling romantic today so.....

Something You Aspire To Do Academically?

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I want to stay motivated and do better.

Colourful or Monochrome Notes?


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Most Used Highlighter Color?


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Ballpoint or Fountain Pen?

Ballpoint Pen

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Late Night or Early Morning read?

Late night

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Usually i prefer night hours.