Hi guys :) I'm back with a new article, this time about my favorite K-Pop groups, inspired by:

So here are my 10 favorite K-Pop groups!

kpop, wooyoung, and mingi image
Favorite songs: Inception, Illusion, Not Too Late, Hala Hala, Wonderland
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san, choi san, and ateez image Image by 재
San // Seonghwa
NCT 127
johnny, mark, and wallpaper image
Favorite songs: Regular, Kick It, Lemonade, Angel, What We Talking Bout
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johnny, jaehyun, and nct image johnny, jaehyun, and kpop image
Jaehyun // Johnny
aesthetic, wallpaper, and winwin image
Favorite songs: Love Talk, Everytime, Only Human, After Midnight, King of Hearts
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ten, wayv, and nct image hendery, wayv, and kpop image
Ten // Xiaojun & Hendery
The Boyz
the boyz, eric, and jacob image
Favorite songs: Reveal, Breaking Dawn
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juyeon, hyunjae, and eric image
Eric // Hyunjae & Juyeon
k-pop, moonbin, and eunwoo image
Favorite songs: All Night, Blue Flame, Go & Stop
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astro, kpop, and cha eunwoo image astro, moonbin, and kpop image
Eunwoo // Moonbin
bts, jimin, and jungkook image
Favorite songs: Fake Love, I Need U, Blood Sweat & Tears, House of Cards
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aesthetic, asian, and boy image jin, kpop icons, and kim seokjin image
Taehyung // Jin
boys, Chen, and boy group image
Favorite songs: Love Shot, The Eve, Ko Ko Bop, Overdose
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kai, exo, and kpop image exo, baekhyun, and byun baekhyun image
Kai // Baekhyun
Stray Kids
stray kids, kpop, and bang chan image
Favorite songs: Thunderous, Miroh, The View
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stray kids, kpop, and lee felix image Minho, skz, and jeongin image
Felix // Lee Know & Jeongin
got7, mark, and bambam image
Favorite songs: If You Do, Playground
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asian boy, sexy boy, and kpop icons image got7, jaebeom, and JB image
Jackson // Jay B
NCT Dream
Image by sunrise
Favorite songs: Drippin', 119, Beautiful Time
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nct, mark, and kpop image jaemin, na jaemin, and nct dream image
Mark // Jaemin
Honorable Mentions
gif, yoongi, and jimin image
TXT, Red Velvet, Enhypen, Shinee, SuperM

And that's it for this article! Hope you enjoyed <3