Crush by Richard Siken

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"Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
These, our bodies, possessed by light.
Tell me we'll never get used to it." - Scheherezade.

The name "crush" is perfect because it's both about the infatuation you feel towards a person and getting your bones and feelings crushed by the pressure of it all. It's repetitive in its panic, but in a way that sucks you into the spiral. It is, and has been for years, my favorite book.


Night Sky With Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong

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"Ocean Vuong's first full-length collection aims straight for the perennial "big"—and very human—subjects of romance, family, memory, grief, war, and melancholia. None of these he allows to overwhelm his spirit or his poems, which demonstrate, through breath and cadence and unrepentant enthrallment, that a gentle palm on a chest can calm the fiercest hungers." (Goodreads description)

I love the images he creates and how his beautiful description of what it's like to feel lost and disconnected to where he is right now (the USA) and where he's from (Vietnam). A person that was only born because of a war, that describes his existence both beautifully and painfully.


Our Numbered Days by Neil Hilborn

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I really recommend you read them out loud, because they were made to be sounds, Here is the link to the author slamming his most famous one, OCD:


All the Feelings I'm No Longer In Touch With by Elle Fortes

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“I tried to bottle so much inside of me and I pretended there would be enough space for all that I did not want to let go of and all that I did not want to deal with but now I can feel all of the bottles breaking and I’m about to overflow.” - the skin i live in.

"In this book, the author is overflowing. She’s trying to find herself in her words, and she’s trying to understand her experiences in the world by creating one of her own. She’s in the middle of a dark room, but her eyes are wide open and she describes everything she can see the shape of as she tries to build herself a better life. Desire, love, heartache, pain, sadness, monsters and echoes. Time never stops and it never rewinds. But it keeps on replaying the same memories over and over. This is the author's attempt to bury all of the feelings she is no longer in touch with. She hopes they will remain underground this time." (Amazon's description)

This might actually be a cheat because this one is actually my own book, but still, it means the world to me. I wrote it while trying to understand, name and survive my feelings. It means the world to me; if you do read it, I hope it can mean something to you as well.

amazon link (it's free on kindle unlimited!):