Hi, everyone! I didn't post yesterday, tbh I had a really bad day. I just went back to school (my first week) and it wasn't the greatest. I've had a really hard time adjusting to my schedule and not seeing my friends like I used to. Feeling alone is a really big "trigger" for me, and it causes me shut down in a lot of my friendships and in my life in general. And I dealt with that a lot, but I also quickly picked up some quick tips to help you deal with whatever you're dealing with.

So, starting off strong-


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Loneliness is probably my biggest foe. It's my biggest fear, for sure. I remember feeling so incredibly lonely, I thought that nothing would ever be good again. That there was no good in the world. I still really feel alone sometimes, but I just remind myself that I'm not. I have people who love me, friends who care for me, animals who like my cuddles. If you're feeling alone, try to talk to the people that you love. You know writing this, I feel like a hypocrite. I'm telling you to talk to people and that it's so simple, but we all know it's not. Honestly, when it was "the bad part" I didn't talk to anyone. I just shut down. I thought that no one loved me. So you wanna know what I did? I learned to love myself. If no one was spending time with me, I spent time with myself. I pampered myself and treated my heart and mind gently. That's it. I still feel lonely all the time, the only thing that changed is that I don't mind anymore. I actually like my alone time.


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Okay, this is one I actually talk about. I have seen significant improvement in my stress levels over the past few years. I started practicing self care. I took care of myself: physically and emotionally. I'm currently working on my mental health and spiritual journey. If you're stressed, honestly, just go to the bathroom and take a deep breath. Think about nothing. I swear, I just need time in the day to not do anything. I just ten minutes to sit and think about nothing. It really does help a ton.


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I honestly don't have a ton of anxiety, except when I'm in really stressful situations. But this week... man. I really felt it coming down. I could hear my own heartbeat in classes because I was so fricking nervous about such small things. I don't have anxiety, and I don't have any sort of diagnosis with it. I'm not pretending I do. So here's an article from someone who does have anxiety. I read it and I think it's really good. Here's the link.


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If you're feeling heartbroken, girl me too. Honestly. It just sucks. Everyday I walk around and i just feel like someone is stepping on me. (Does that make sense? No idea.) But that's how I feel. Really, the only thing I've been doing is talking it out and distracting myself. Prioritizing my mental health is a given. I've been taking it slow, but I think I'm ready to speed it up a bit. If you're heartbroken, listen, I know. It doesn't make any sense. It just doesn't. There was so much that could have happened, and so much that did. But it was wrong. If someone is breaking your heart, then you aren't mean to be with them. You just have to focus on yourself. Time heals all wounds.


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Hit something. Don't hit someone, but hit something. I do self defense, and boy does that help. Scream into a pillow. Ask a close friend if you can scream at them. (Do this with caution) Bake food and eat your feelings. Journal. Meditate. Workout. Anything to take your mind off how angry you are. I'll be honest, masturbation really fucking helps. It also helps with stress. If that's your thing, great cause me too. If it's not, then it's not, and that's okay. We all have different like and dislikes. Just find yours. It's gonna be okay. But seriously though, punch a pillow.

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And with that, I sign off. Hope you all are having a nice day, afternoon, or evening and to drink water and believe in yourself.

-LM Swan

LM Swan
LM Swan