It's september and if you like trying new make-up looks, autumn is a great time for this. I think that in the autumn time you can go a little darker with your make-up than in the summer time. Of course you should not wear make-up unless you want to. You should do it for you, because you like it and because you think it's fun.

I will come with some ideas that you can get inspiration from.

Idea 1. Healthy glow and colored splash on the eyes

girl image

For this look you will need to make your skin look glowing so wash your face and moisture and use a lightweight foundation (go after one that gives a healthy glow. You can use blush on the cheeks and highlighter. For the eyes you can use a pink and purple shade of eyeshadow and blend them togehter. Eyeliner along the lashlines and some mascara. Fill in your brows to define them. Remember you don't have to make the exact same look as in the picture, you can just take inspiration from it.

Idea 2. Natural look with soft pink lips

beautiful eyes, pretty girl, and natural makeup image

We are all different in our taste, and some may prefer a more natural look. This sweet look is easy to make. Only cover your skin were it is needed, define your brows and put on some mascara. If you like you can make a very thin line at the upper lash line with a eyeliner. Use a lipstick that is in a rosy shade and dap it on the lips and use the same shade on the cheeks as a blush. Remember to blend well.

Idea 3. Bright red lip and defined eyes

Temporarily removed

For this makeup look you will need a foundation without shine and a little amount of bronzer to keep the glow in your skin. You will need a white eyeliner for the bottom lashline and a black for the upper lashline and some black mascara. You will of course be needing a bright red lipstick and maybe a red lipliner if you want to.