Name ~ Amaryllis, to sparkle
belladonna, flower, and plant image
beauty, girls, and poetry image light, night, and fireworks image

Fae Appearance

eyes, heart, and eye image aesthetic, alternative, and fairy image Temporarily removed aesthetic, blogger, and mirror selfie image
Amber eyes one with a spec of gold paired with iridescent wings.

Hair, Fairycore

flowers, hair, and girl image aesthetic, beauty, and blonde image girl image Image by Inês

Birth Place

prince, king, and royal image love, sun, and radiate image Image by Esther dress, fashion, and aesthetic image
castle and gold image
Born and brought up in Solaria until it was time for her to begin attending Alfea the college for Fairies.


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Alfea: Magic School

aesthetic, versailles, and france image nature and photography image beach, california, and hearts image aesthetic, plants, and pretty image


aesthetic, kindness, and yellow image aesthetic, curiosity, and quotes image quotes, empowerment, and woman image motivation, motivational, and quotes image


hands and glitter image Temporarily removed Image by imathea clouds, nature, and light image
A Light Fairy of beautiful, enchanting colors that enhance the sky showcasing its everlasting beauty. Fun illusions like kaleidoscopes or manipulating light with the use of prisms. She loves creating fireworks, shooting stars, and rainbows!!
fireworks, aesthetic, and blue image
grunge, rainbow, and indie image flowers, nature, and colors image


Temporarily removed beauty and makeup image makeup, green, and eyeshadow image beauty, makeup, and aesthetic image

Winx ensembles

Image by ⚜️Luna de Antiguedades⚜️ shoes, fashion, and colorful image
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butterfly, night, and light image sky, stars, and space image maddie ziegler, soft photos, and themepics image aesthetic, bushes, and flowers image
Sparks fly literally ✨

Personal interests

dreamy, fantasy, and soft image bedroom, blonde hair, and books image aesthetic, picnic, and food image fruit, farmers market, and food image
Studying faerie magic, a picnic hang-out, and visiting an outdoor farmer's market.


cat, boy, and cute image girl, summer, and blonde image
Only time will tell. As far as qualifications he needs to love cats and books, but more importantly be the right one someone to consider forever with...