This summer I had a job and it was really hard but I wanted to make some money when I have free time because I am a student. I didn't have time for myself so I didn't workout, eat healthy, enjoying my ''me time'' etc. I didn't feel myself...

So I decided It was time for some changes. If you also need it, here are some steps and tips that I will do to become a better version of myself.

This is my new and fresh start:

1. I will start working out again because it really helps me mentally and physically. I feel energized after it for the rest of the day and happy because I did something good for myself. That is the time for me to let all bad thoughts out of my head.

2. I bought a smartwatch to track my activities throughout the day. It keeps me motivated to see how much I can do by walking, running, or doing a 1-hour workout. I will start writing down my goals for the day and trying to accomplish them.

3. There is this app 'MyfitnessPal' where you can track what you eat. You can find a bunch of food by writing or scanning a bar code on the food packaging. This way I can track how much calories and nutrition I put in my body. It's an easy way to control eating excess calories and see which nutritions you have in the food you eat.

4. This year I want to study a lot for my college. This time I don't want to wait until exams start, I want to spend a little of my time every day, to prepare and study.

5. I want to try new cooking recipes because I'm enjoying cooking. But also, I want to learn some cool and healthy stuff for myself and others. I want to make the new collection on my profile where I will upload recipes and pictures of meals. That would help me and others who want to achieve similar goals and it would also motivate me to cook and eat healthily.

6. I want to start reading books again. I didn't do it for a long time and I really miss it because I enjoyed it. I will start by joining the library.

7. I am going to buy a notebook to write down everything I achieved that day. Starting with activities and how many calories I burned. I will write down what and how much I ate that day. I will write down the goals I want to make and in the evening I will mark everything I did. That will keep me motivated by tracking all the good things I did for myself or what I can do better tomorrow.

8. And the last thing I want to do is to start loving myself more because for me it's always easier to say that to others, but not to me. I keep pushing myself too hard or judging the way I do things or the way I look. Life is too short and we should be thankful for everything and enjoy every minute we have.

I hope some of you will find this motivational and start to do better things for yourself, starting today. Don't wait tomorrow because it will always be tomorrow and you will lose your best years for nothing. These are my goals, and you all know yours. Whatever it is, it takes time and we just need to start and never give up.

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