Dalliance, Flirtation, Romance
Usually so cautious and reluctant
Yet unable to keep this precious stone at a distance
Am I to learn something from you my Smokey Topaz?

Interesting how you so easily inspire a need to capture thoughts
A compulsion I had all but forgotten I was susceptible to
Succumbing to the impulse brought immediate relief
Therefore I'll entertain the craving a bit longer

Oh, how your physical appearance appeals to me!
Beautiful. Strikingly handsome even when enveloped in dark clouds
An aura that intrigues and enthralls me against all sense
But alas, it is your psyche that draws me near
The very essence of your soul that lures mine

The aches that remind me of you, I savor
Markings laid out as a primitive reminder of what was
Silly of me to find comfort in the map imprinted on my skin
Though I would never dare confess

You are my grounding stone, fiercely protective in nature
You inhabit my body and connect me to the earth

Immovable, unshaken, unyielding and permanent
So permanent