Hi and welcome to my article , i know i already did a self care ideas and maybe some things will be similar but this is what i like to the sunday i very busy all the weeks so when the weekend is coming i try to relax more and focus more on myself and try new things so here the list of things i love to do

Lets start it

-Wake up early

girl, white, and morning image morning, aesthetics, and beauty image

-make yourself breakfast

breakfast and food image beauty, silk, and blond image

-drink a cup of coffee

aesthetic, archives, and coffee image beauty, fashion, and coffee image

-check your agenda and planned your week

july, plans, and week image plans, week, and weekends image

- workout

abs, aesthetic, and gymnastics image fitness, healthy, and workout image


art, aesthetic, and dance image couple, dancing, and happy image

-read your favorite book or start a new one

cat, autumn, and fall image book, cozy, and coffee image

-go to the bed early

quotes, cartoon, and pretty image city and night image

-Go for a walk

aesthetic, archives, and girls image beautiful, dog, and walk image

-Change the sheets on your bed

home and pink image blue, home, and aesthetic image

-Order pizza or any other take out

dark, grunge, and McDonalds image

-Meditate in the morning or have a yoga session

exercise, meditate, and fitness image girly, kaiagerber, and meditate image

-Take a nap

beauty, casual, and morning image bed, cozy, and dog image

-watch a movie

bed, coffee, and good morning image fashion and girl image

-clean your bedroom

home, bedroom, and room image true, funny, and room image

take a bath or a shower

girl, fashion, and home image pink, yellow, and aesthetic image

wash your hair and put on a hair mask

girl, aesthetic, and shower image diy, hair, and beauty image

plan out your outfits

fashion, outfit, and style image clothes, pastel, and aesthetic image

put on a face mask

face mask, beauty, and skincare image aesthetic, bralette, and indie image


Scarlett Johansson and shave image girl, flowers, and art image

Do your nails

nails, rings, and style image art, inspiration, and lovely image

meet with friends

drink, girl, and friends image beach and summer image

with your pet(s

cat, nails, and cute image girl, cat, and vintage image

Listen to your favorite podcast

kendall jenner, aesthetic, and model image

Go shopping

dior, fashion, and happiness image cat, chanel, and animal image

Do laundry

laundry, summer, and nature image apartment, laundry, and woman image

Have a spa day at home

bed, bedroom, and cat image flowers image

Find quote wallpapers to inspire you

quotes, motivation, and yellow image quotes, butterfly, and motivation image

Thats all

try these things and you sunday will be better

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Thank for readings!!!

Love Ameliexxx