Hi! So i decide to make a list of movie, tv shows ... that i like and remind me of the spooky season! There will probably be a part 2 so i hope you'll like this article and see you soon!


The Nightmare Before Christmas

creepy, jack skellington, and Halloween image gif, jack, and nightmare image christmas, jack skellington, and the nightmare before christmas image Image by Rosalie H. ♡
For sure i need to put ''the nightmare before christmas'' in the list! It's a basic of halloween movie in my opinion! And the caracter are super duper cute!!!!!


candy, gremlins, and illustration image 80's, cat, and gremlins image gremlins image Temporarily removed
I put ''the gremlins'' the movie are realize really realistic! It's one of the first horror movie that i watch, well my mom thought that it was a great movie for me and my brother to watch as child! It was quite a big mistake we didn't sleep for month!!!


coraline and movie image Image by valentinaMoon art, othermother, and laika image 2009, aesthetic, and animation image
This movie is a classic! It's actually the first horror movie that i watch well again it traumatize me and my brother , well im pretty sure that this movie leave trauma to a whole generation! I sleep witn my brother for a month. Yes my mom regret this decison to let us watch it, but she was sure it was for young child. But it wasn't TANTANTAN!!

Hotel Transylvania Series

aesthetic, beautiful, and black image hotel transylvania, bat, and sad image Dracula, mavis, and hotel transylvania image jhonny and hotel transylvania image
I love this series of movie, is so funny and the monster are so adorable! And i mean BLA BLA BLA!!


Image by gerbario Halloween, pink, and scream image scream, bloody, and murder image Temporarily removed
I put scream cause i love thoses movies, even tho the victimes are quite stupid!!! And i like the fact that you try to find who is the bad guy! And there's a lot of part to this movie so it's nice to do like a movie night.


Image by 🐉🫀🪵 carrie, horror, and Stephen King image bibliophile, bookish, and books image carrie, pretty, and horror image
I really love this movie, i find that the story is really mysterious and quite different from some other other movie especially from the old movie!

The Craft

The Craft, 90s, and craft image The Craft, quotes, and weirdos image 90s, witchcraft, and book image candles image
I'm in love with this movie, and more with the new one! Is really nice and the clothes they wear are so pretty i love the asthetic of this movie and all the small detail that they put!


tim burton, aesthetic, and grunge image Halloween, autumn, and fall image lydia deetz and beetlejuice musical image beetlejuice, tim burton, and movie image
It's a classic! I have the obligation to put this movie everybody talk about it and trust me they're right to do it!

Scooby-Doo !

orange and photography image supernatural and scooby doo image house, vintage, and old image autumn, tree, and aesthetic image
At halloween i always watch the scooby-doo movie i don't know why i guess by nostalgia cause i do this since i'm a child!

The Spiderwick Chronicles

drawing, fairy, and fantasy image book and fairy image Image removed book, hardcover, and serie image
I like too watch this movie in autumn i feel like it's the perfect ambiance for watching this movie. I really love the mysterious side of it!

The Addams Family

Image by PaoloB black and white, the addams family, and blanco y negro image 90s, autumn, and fall image the addams family image
I love the addams family movies they are so nice and adorable in some kind of way! And i love the hand panpanpan!!! She's so funny.


Fantasy Island

Jurassic Park image fantasy island, horror, and movies image aesthetic, beach, and blue image fantasy island, movies, and film image
I was quite shock by the ending of this movie i was totally not expecting that! There's this question that come fast in the movie wich is the why are we here and the answer will leave you speech less!

Child's Play

Child's Play, Chucky, and poster image Image by Señorita de Billy Chucky, horror, and movie image 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image
Chucky is probably one of the most common horror movie i think and is quite good it's not my favorite but i still like it!

Trick 'r Treat

Temporarily removed Halloween, creepy, and horror image Halloween, autumn, and boy image autumn, pumpkin, and spooky image
I love the fact that it's not only one story but a lot of little one it make it unique!


ouija board, ouija, and ghost image ouija, game, and ghost image game, goodbye, and movie image alternative, black, and grunge image
It's a good movie not my favorite cause honestly i think i was more scared of watching it that i was scared while watching it i mean if it make sense!!!!


Temporarily removed saw, life, and black and white image movie and saw image saw, horror, and black and white image
Thoses movies are on my list of favorite movie! I love the fact that it's not moster or spirit but a more realistic situation. And i kinda find that the mean guy is not so mean like is not the only mean one if you get what i'm trying to say!


aesthetic, night, and cyber ghetto image alcohol, car, and aesthetic image alcohol, drink, and party image Image by Kia_Stinson
This horror movie seems really real i mean it make you realised that not everybody is good too trust and especialy people you don't know!


eli, horror movie, and netflix image sadie sink image eli, films, and movies image eli movie, sadie sink, and strangerthings image
This one is really good and trust me even thought you may think you understand what's going on, i can say that you will probably be wrong until the end of it!


building, golden, and movie theater image movie, us, and horror image us image cinema, creepy, and film image
This movie is completly fuck up! I was so lost all of the movie about who they were and where they come from and when i understand at the end of the movie i kinda wanna be friends with the bad people! Maybe not get to close but maybe like by skype!!!! HAHAHA

The platform

books, bookworm, and dark image food image Image by Amanda Auverigne cake, bakery, and food photography image
This one is one of my favorite too is so weird and the end is so akward! I find really interesting the way that they decide to make a movie so different and unique, but it make this movie hit deferently than other trust me!


The Simpsons

animations, cartoons, and homer simpson image Halloween image simpsons, the simpsons, and bart image witch, simpsons, and fire image
The simpsons special halloween episode's are the best episode's of the simpson to me! PS: the movie too

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Image by lo🐻🐰🌙 Image by lo🐻🐰🌙 sabrina spellman, netflix, and caos image ator, kiernan shipka, and seriado image
I love this show cause the ambiance remind me at 100% halloween and fall! And i love the speacial effect and the song and pretty much everything!

Locke and Key

tv series, tv show, and locke and key image dodge, series, and tyler image tattoo and key image key, black and white, and lock image
I really love this show and there's an other season that come in october i think! I love the suspence of this show!


aesthetic, feelings, and relationships image ratched and sarah paulson image netflix, ratched, and sarah paulson image drama, scene, and thriller image
I love the costume and the epoque that they decide to give to the show!

Love Sabrina

PS: if you want a part 2 let me know