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It's time to open up my heart again here, this ocasion is about a heartbreak I've been having since a few months. Writting here is a getaway it really help me to get stronger and leave bad things behind.

This is not an article about how to deal with a broken heart, is a kinda letter that I can't send. But this process that I'm living will inspire me to talk abut this theme in another posts if you want.

This is not the kind of articles I usually post but next week or so I will get back to them, thanks for understand!

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I don't even know how to start this, it's being two months since the last time I've saw you, and I feel like a fool cause I can't get you out of my mind.

You're not good for me, you broke me like no one else before, and it's so painful to say this but I miss you every single day.

Why you had to do this to me?
I took care of you since the first moment, I puted myself on fire to keep you warm, I even danced with your demons to make you feel free and I opened my heart to you like never before. But all of that didn't matter cause you broke me into a million pieces, and now that I know part of the things you did behind my back, I can't believe how you had the nerve to looked at my face and tell me you loved me without feeling bad.

Congratulations, now the blood is everywhere, I hope, like Olivia says, that I was your favorite crime, but please I'm beging you to take away all the memories that don't let me sleep and the feelings that stab me inside because you never care about it.

Yeah, I still search for you in every corner but I know you don't even remember how was my fragance and I know you're out there with lot of girls or even with another "love" (please don't do this to her too) but I wish you the best, cause karma is a bitch.

Now it's time to start picking the pieces of the assassination you made, it's time to choose myself once again, and yes, it's going to take a lot of tears but once the pain is over, you're gonna cry me a river cause you'll see the game over.

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