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First song you heard?
I'm not sure actually, but it was One Last Time I guess

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Favorite music video?
I really love every music video, it's hard, but if I should choose one or two, it would be God Is A Woman and Focus

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Favorite Album?

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Sweetener for sure :)

Favorite song(s) from Yours Truly?

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I really love Honeymoon Avenue

Favorite song(s) from My Everything?

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One Last Time and maybe Why Try!

Favorite song(s) from Dangerous Woman?

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my really fav is Bad Decisions :)

Favorite song(s) from Sweetener?

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R.E.M and The Light Is Coming!

Favorite song(s) from Thank U, Next?

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NASA and Bloodline are my favs! Really love them :)

Favorite song(s) from Positions?

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My most fav is Safety Net! and I like Motive too :)

How many years have u been Arianator?
I dont know the real date, but I think from 2017/2018, so maybe 4/3 years?

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All time fav songs?
NASA and Bad Decisions I could listen to the rest of my life :) also my fav are Bloodline, Everytime, Goodnight n go and a lot of more from Sweetener :)

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Favorite Ariana Look?
I really love when she wore bangs or when she had platinum hair :) My favorite looks are from dw and before positions era :) Also from sweetener era!

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Favorite Era?
at first place its dangerous woman and at second its sweetener :)

Favorite Dress On Ariana?

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I'm in love with grammy 2020 dress, and met gala 2018
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