Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I wrote the first article in this series. Today's is all about ab workouts you can do straight from YouTube. I hope this is a helpful article for you. Enjoy and leave a heart!

episode 1 in this series

Pamela Reif (1-10)

Warning: Pam's ab workouts are tough! Mainly because there are rarely breaks between moves, so you will really work your abs and get that burn!

Emi Wong (11-20)

I've done several of Emi's ab workouts. I'd say they are pretty beginner to intermediate friendly, so if you want to work up to Pam's ab workouts, Emi is a great place to start. Doesn't mean they are easy, though!

Chloe Ting (21-30)

Most of us know Chloe Ting! Her workouts are pretty good. They definitely get you sweating. The only issue is that they are a little repetitive so the moves get repeated a lot. Good for all levels, in my opinion.

Madfit (31-40)

In all honesty, I don't find Madfit's workouts very difficult (though admittedly I haven't done that many). I love how she focuses on maintaining proper form. Good for intermediate and beginners in my opinion.

Blogilates (41-50)

Cassey has great ab workouts that mainly incorporate pilates. I would say these are a bit harder because she tends to do the moves for a long time (45-60 seconds) and often uses pulses. She's really motivating which is a definite plus!

And that's all! I hope you find this article helpful if you're trying to find workouts to do! If it was helpful leave a heart and check out the YouTube playlist below for all of these workouts and many more.


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