Warning: contains spoilers on the events of the Avengers and on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

General informations

Name: Easton (masculine name meaning "power") Davies.
Nicknames: Nemesis; East; Speculum, Failed Experiment.
Sex: female.
Species: inhuman.
Nationality: British.
Birthday: November 10th, 2001.
Birthplace: Durham, northeast England.
Zodiac: Scorpio.

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Faceclaim: Ellie Bamber.


Eye colour: blue.
Hair colour: blonde.
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 117 lbs.


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Easton was born in England to a couple of Inhumans who kindly declined the protection offered by Afterlife when modern society forced the Inhumans into hiding.
At the age of 15, she underwent Terrigenesis, accompanied by her parents, discovering the full potential of her powers.


As Easton

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Easton's personality can be represented by the abbreviation INFP, which indicates creative people who are mostly silent and deeply caring.

Idealistic and empathetic, Mediators long for deep, soulful relationships, and they feel called to help others. But because this personality type makes up such a small portion of the population, Mediators may sometimes feel lonely or invisible, adrift in a world that doesn’t seem to appreciate the traits that make them unique.
─ 16personalities site.

As Nemesis

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As Nemesis, Easton seems to become the exact opposite of the person she is every day. She is cold, detached and careless towards everyone.


Empathic Mimicry

Easton's superpower is called Empathic Mimicry and consists of the ability to reproduce and / or absorb the powers of the closest superhumans, even without knowing what the power is and without touching them.

Strength: ● ● ● ● ●
Speed: ● ● ● ○ ○
Stamina: ● ● ● ● ●
Health: ● ● ● ● ●
Control: ● ● ● ○ ○

Television series: Speculum

Episode one: The Seventh Stone

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Easton is in Italy for a cultural exchange with one of her classmates and is visiting the Colosseum when what looks like a necklace with a light point catches her attention.
She picks it up and continues the trip, but the following days she begins to feel unwell and to experience an unnatural difficulty in controlling her powers. When she abandons the exchange and returns to England, she talks about the incident with her parents, also mentioning the discovery of the new necklace. Although reluctant, the mother speculates that it may have something to do with the metal used to forge the chain and suggests that she take it off. To their horror, the Davies family discovers that the stone has taken root in the girl's skin and after several searches, they travel to New York hoping to find help in Doctor Steven Strange, the best - known surgeon in the world.

«It's weird... I had never seen anything like it. It looks like your body is trying to absorb the stone»
«And that's the problem. I have the ability to absorb the power of the most powerful person closest to me, but I do not absorb the person and this above all, it's not one»
— Doctor Strange and Easton Davies

When they arrive in New York, the Davies discover that Doctor Strange is no longer operating, but with the help of his former colleague, Christine Palmer, they manage to obtain an address.
Meanwhile, Easton's conditions worsen.
Arriving at Doctor Strange's, they also find Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.
The two parents explain what happened to the sorcerer and he examines the stone, discovering in reality that it is an infinity stone unknown to him. Before starting his research, he invites all guests to stop by him.

Episode two: An Old Company

Easton begins to feel strange and has the impression that half of the thoughts she has do not belong to her. Bucky and Sam introduce themselves to her and try to entertain her, until she, too tired, takes her leave.

«You don't have to worry at all, because I have no intention of harming her. Easton here, she'll just be my weapon. After all, the Inhumans are born for this, aren't they?»
— Easton Davies as Nemesis

The next morning, Doctor Strange has some bad news: the gem is effectively an infinity stone, the Ego Gem, which holds the psyche of the primordial creature it came from: Nemesis. The good news is that removing it is not impossible; the bad one, is that to do this Easton has to act in the interest of the gem - not that she has that much choice, because apparently the gem has the power to affect the psyche of anyone who touches it.
It is then that Nemesis makes her appearance through Easton's body and exposes that she actually has a plan: when all the gems are in Easton's hand, the Ego Gem will automatically withdraw its roots and leave the Inhuman alone.

Episode three: Manipulated

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When Nemesis disappears, Easton appears very tired, almost drained of her energy and Strange explains to her that it is not uncommon for the stone to affect her mind so much that it causes her to behave like its original owner.
In short: the stone will manipulate her until it has achieved its purpose.

«It was really easy.»
«It won't always be that way»
«The important thing is not to hurt anyone and as long as things remain like this, difficult or easy it will not matter»
— Scott Lang, Bucky Barnes and Easton Davies

After a long discussion, Easton, Doctor Strange, Sam and Bucky leave to reach Scott Lang and resume the project of time travel through the quantum realm, so as to recover the stones.
Following in the footsteps left long ago by the Avengers, their first stop is on Morag to recover the power stone. They get there before Star - Lord and Doctor Strange frees the orb.
The Sorcerer Supreme is unwilling to deliver the stone to Easton, both because each piece added to the Ego Gem would increase the power of Nemesis, and because the girl may not be strong enough to handle it.
Nemesis, on the other hand, is intent on holding the gem and using the powers of the Inhuman, she achieves her purpose.
Easton then finds herself absorbing the power of the newly recovered stone, but due to the overabundance of energy, she passes out and remains in a semi - comatose state for two days.

Episode four: Through Ragnarok

Easton awakens, but the two gems are significantly weakening her. Although exhausted, she leaves with Doctor Strange, Sam, Bucky and Scott for the space stone.

«I killed the goddess of death»
— Easton Davies

They arrive in Asgard, where Hela is trying to gain control of the kingdom and although they try to go unnoticed, the goddess notices them nevertheless. She confronts them with the same choice as the Einherjar: to be with her or against her.
Easton feels that something is wrong with herself and recognizes the feeling of when Nemesis used her to talk. She begins to cry, begging the goddess to let them fulfill their duties by unfiltered explaining their intentions.
Hela is impressed by the tale and intends to use Easton's abilities to achieve her goals, but Nemesis, duplicating the girl's powers through the power stone, defeats the goddess at her own game.
Taking advantage of the absence of a ruler, the group reaches the dungeons and finds the space stone.

Episode five: The Bloom Of A New Friendship

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Arriving in Knowhere, the group must retrieve the reality stone.
Doctor Strange begins to doubt that their mission can be profitable in any way and thinks about how they will manage to block Nemesis once they have collected all the stones.
With no particular effort, the stone is recovered and Easton begins to feel really sick amidst constant dizziness and severe headaches.
Times begin to tighten, so the group leaves immediately and moves towards Vormir.

«A soul for a soul»
«The soul stone belongs to me, Insignificant Being! [...] But I have to tell you a secret: I've always had a soft spot for lovable creatures like humans»
— Red Skull and Easton Davies as Nemesis

On Vormir, the group finds Red Skull guarding the stone and Nemesis makes an appearance again, angrily challenging the guardian. Eventually, smiling maliciously, Nemesis throws him off the escarpment, proclaiming that she has always deeply loved human beings and retrieves the gem.

Due to a strong weakening, the group is forced to stop for a couple of days and Easton takes the opportunity to let off steam. Listening to her is Bucky, who stands beside her and confides that he knows how she feels about being used as a weapon. Later, it is revealed that the love Nemesis used was Easton's love for others.

Episode six: Two Stones, One Battle

Only Doctor Strange and Easton can move to recover the time stone and the mind stone so as not to run into their past selves. While Strange talks to The Ancient One, Easton raids the Avengers tower and confronts the heroes to gain custody of Loki's sceptre. The battle goes on for a long time, especially as Easton is seriously consumed by the power of the stones.

«To free the girl, I need the other stones. It is the only way»
— Easton Davies as Nemesis

Eventually, Doctor Strange joins the battle and obtains the mind stone, which he reluctantly hands over to Easton.
Nemesis can come to life again despite this not being her goal, so she heals Easton from the power of the stones, moves everyone into their respective timelines, and fragments herself back into the seven gems, putting each one back in its place - with the exception of the Ego Gem.

At the end of the adventure, Easton moves to Louisiana with Sam and Bucky, but promises Scott that she will come back to visit him. Easton's parents return to live in England.


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Combat outfit

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Thomas and Isla Davies, her parents.
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Bucky Barnes, her best friend.


Favourite colour: celadon.
Favourite movie: Casablanca.
Favourite food: pavlova.
Favourite drink: coconut water.
Likes: traveling, helping people in need, playing video games and trying new things.
Dislikes: the infinity stones and time traveling.


  • There Will Be A Way by Dotan.


  • Warriors by Imagine Dragons.


  • Stronger by The Score.


  • Courage to Change by Sia.


  • Rise by Katy Perry.



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«You were never alone Bucky and you never will be»
«After this experience, I'm done with necklaces. In fact, I'm done with jewels»
«I'll never let anyone tell me what to do again»
«Sam, ask the fortune cookie. Fortune cookies never lie»
«When Thor returns to earth, remind me to ask him if I can try to lift Mjolnir»

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