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name: kenzy aurelius
birthday: april 25

appearance/faceclaim: cami mendes

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unique, creative, curious, determined, stubborn, caring, quiet, anxious, fearful, smart


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kenzy has always been a loner, who had very little friends. when she moved to rosewood high (way before the girls were friends with alison) she didn't really have many friends. but she did occasionally interact, and was friendly with aria montgomery. one day, kenzy and mona vanderwaall interacted, and they realized that they had much more in common than they realized. day after day, they started talking more, and hanging out often, then they became the best of friends. kenzy was there for mona (and vice versa) whenever alison would bully either of them (before, and after alison became friends with the liars) kenzy and mona would talk about how much they hated alison, and how they wish she would just be in a different town. (they both never admitted this to one another, but they both secretly wished that alison were dead) although there was one huge secret that mona didn't trust kenzy with: mona being alison's A


after alison disappeared, kenzy and mona were relieved, and mona told kenzy that she wants to get a makeover (kenzy also wore glasses, but she was fine with how she looked) mona begged kenzy to have a makeover with her, but kenzy refused. mona didn't press kenzy more on the topic, and when she did go get that makeover, she met hanna and they became friends, and that resulted in kenzy and mona hanging out less.


kenzy became a loner again, after mona started being bffs with hanna, and kenzy had heard that aria travelled to island, so kenzy contacted her, and they talked a lot that summer through text, and facetime, and they became the only friend that they both had.


after aria returned from island, aria and kenzy didn't stop being friends, and they met with each other at school. the liars didn't really question kenzy and aria being that close, and when emily started hanging out with aria, kenzy and emily were introduced to each other, and soon enough emily started really liking kenzy, and emily would sometimes hang out with them both.


of course mona noticed that kenzy started to get close to 2/4 of the liars, and mona wasn't completely over her best friend, and she started feeling jealous. that's when mona started being the liar's' A, and even though kenzy wasn't friends with alison at all, mona decided to target her too, because she didn't have the makeover with her, and because "she moved on so easily". kenzy and aria talked to each other about their messages, without revealing too much of what it actually said. (kenzy's A message was: "did you think i was dead? i know you wanted me to be. don't worry hun, i'm still here and i'll be ruining your life even more. xo, bitch. -A"


at alison's funeral, the 4 liars sat together, and kenzy sat a row behind them. when the liars told each other that they receieved a message, aria told them that kenzy received one too, the girls (including emily) were surprised, and they didn't understand why. when the funeral was over, the 4 liars went outside while linking their arms together, and kenzy was holding aria's free hand. after wilden talked to them (he didn't address kenzy, but kenzy stood with them for support) (also, the liars eventually told kenzy about everything: the jenna thing, etc. and she became the 5th/6th liar)


when alison returned in the finale of season 4, kenzy was with the 4 liars, and when alison first saw kenzy, she was taken aback, and she looked at the 4 girls, confused, but aria quickly filled her in on kenzy joining their friendship group, and alison looked at kenzy, then nodded and smiled a small smile, and apologized for all of the times she treated kenzy badly, and accepted kenzy into their friendship.


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she hated ali the most out of all of the liars and she wanted her dead (revealed later on to the liars)... she has always been secretly in love with mike montgomery (even before alison went missing) and most of the reason why kenzy started to get closer to aria, was so she could be closer to mike too (revealed to aria, but aria forgave her)... kenzy caught mona being A, and mona threatened kenzy with a knife to her throat, that if she doesn't work with mona until mona is ready to reveal herself, then mona will kill kenzy at the spot, however, mona promised her that she won't include kenzy in her A reveal, kenzy was scared, and she didn't want to die, so she agreed (it was never revealed to anyone, only mona and kenzy knew, and when mona revealed herself, kenzy acted as shocked as the liars were, but this was kenzy's biggest regret till the day she died.)


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for school
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for parties
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for prom/dances
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mona (before ali went missing), aria (before and after ali went missing), the other 3 liars, new ali, the liars' significant others


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mike montgomery. kenzy had a crush on him for a very long time, and he also liked her, so one day they both confessed, and dated for many years, until kenzy needed space, so that's what mike gave her, and he dated mona for a while. when kenzy saw mike with mona, she was obviously hurt, even though she had broken up with him, and aria knew that, but kenzy told her that it's fine, and she shouldn't intervene. a while after mike and mona broke up, kenzy opened up to him about how she really feels, and they got back together, and where endgame.

five year time jump:

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kenzy became a quiet famous actress, and through out the time jump kenzy and mike were still dating, but it takes years for them to finally get married.


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joseph aurelius: kenzy's younger brother, he dated spencer for a year, but it didn't work out well, so they broke up.
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carol aurelius: kenzy's mom. they weren't too close, but carol loved kenzy so much and she always wanted her to tell her everything, but kenzy was secretive and reserved when it came to her mom. carol was closest to ella montgomery.


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singing, reading, writing, imagining, acting