Going into the new school year, I have found it incredibly hard to sort out the vast amount of daily thoughts I have and what I need to do in my brain. I constantly find myself having an internal battle with my feelings and thoughts on everything ranging from my social life to university, and even the smallest of things like the amount of ice in my water. While a lot of the time I still find myself in pure chaos and tend to break down over the smallest inconveniences, there are certain things that will always pull me back down to reality and make me realize that my mental health matters.

First things first, being organized. In your room, in your work, and in your life. A close family friend of mine says that an organized room is an organized mind and I honestly couldn't agree more. Sometimes it's hard to get out of the slump and into the cleaning up mindset, but when in your own time you find the motivation to organize your room, the satisfaction of having an arranged room is beyond rewarding. It is actually scientifically proven that people that reside in an organized environment tend to be healthier, less likely to become depressed, and overall just function in a calmer more efficient manner.

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Having a "second-hand" hobby, or an activity aside from your main extracurricular interest can help relax the brain and guide you away from the stress that your day-to-day activities or even school may cause. For me, it's drawing and writing. You don't have to excel in these activities, but I've honestly found it incredibly helpful in relieving stress and forgetting my worries just by doodling in a little napkin or actually trying to produce a fancy sketch (totally incredibly fancy 😏), and writing down whatever thought pops into my head. The moral of the story is that secondary hobbies are pressure-free, and you owe it to no one but yourself to indulge in whatever you please. Potential "second-hand" hobbies that can soothe you and better your wellbeing (or perhaps main hobby)(according to me, a professional second-hand hobby advisor) are reading, baking, gardening, amongst many others.

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This last method of self-care and wellbeing has particularly helped me get through devastating amounts of school work and has helped me the most. Lighting up a nice candle, making yourself some hot tea, and listening to relaxing music is quite possibly the best combination for success and satisfaction. There is nothing like the atmosphere in which you do your work. It should be a sacred space that meets your necessities to proactively work. While for me it's a candle-lit, hot tea party, for others it may be listening to metal music or playing tv in the background. It's all about finding what works for you and helps you reach a mindset that allows you to enjoy what you're doing. If you're like me and you work best in a tranquil cozy environment, this 24/7 live stream by Lofi Girl on Youtube is a lifesaver.

Mental health matters. It's beyond important to treat yourself with respect and love. There is only one you and you should always attempt to be the best version of yourself possible. Everyone is on the same journey as you and we should all attempt to be as happy as possible. ☺

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