Hi everyone! Long time no post, but it's been a very busy and exciting few months...

I am finally on my Year Abroad for my university degree! Here in England, you have to do a mandatory year abroad when you study languages and due to the pandemic, I sadly couldn't go last year. With that being said, I am finally here, in Spain!

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So what is ERASMUS?

In short, ERASMUS is an exchange programme for you to study abroad in a target language and in a university of the country. I study both Spanish and Mandarin so I will be doing 6 months in Spain, and 6 months in China (hopefully)! ERAMUS is mainly for European universities and countries however they have different programmes so different countries can get involved and I would highly recommend it so far. It is a great opportunity to grow as a person and to learn more about the countries around the world.

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Where in Spain?

I am finally in Granada, a beautiful and historic city of Spain that I have always wanted to study and live in and I cannot wait to write articles about all about the culture and history of not only Spain but this small and beautiful city! We always talk about how beautiful Barcelona and Madrid are but small places like Granada, Malaga, Cordoba have so much to offer as well and I’d like to show and introduce them to you guys as I live here.

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This is just a short introduction to my journey on ERASMUS and I cannot wait to tell you guys more as it goes on.