Hi guys, for today's article I wanted to do this tag because I love Money Heist and in fact I've already watched the new season in one day ahah and I already miss it. So feel free to also do this tag if you love this show and keep reading !

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- Name : Sofia

- City name : Rome

arte, beauty, and bellezza image
rome, italy, and travel image

- Age : 23

- Known as : the professor's daughter

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drama, professor, and la casa de papel image

- Appearance :

beautiful, black hair, and ponytail image
aesthetic, lips, and red aesthetic image
Image by 𝒥.
black, elegant, and golden image
black hair, blue eyes, always wearing red lips, tall and fit body, sexy

- Speciality :

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intelligence, she always know what it's best to do

- Life before heist :

castle, dark, and school image
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where is the castle? image
she lived in a castle but life was too boring

- Family :

denver, family, and goals image
berlin, the professor, and pedro alonso image
actors, berlin, and tokyo image
all the group <3

- Style :

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dress, fitness, and fashion image
black, mafia, and money image
beautiful, black, and brunette image
black, fashion, and outfit image
back, black, and woman image
fashion, girl, and sexy image
always wearing black, leather jacket or pants, lace cute tops and high heels

- Personality :

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quotes and intelligence image
emotion, intelligence, and quote image
as I said, she is super intelligent and smart, she loves the group and her father, she is determined, brave and she will protect everybody as long as she can <3

- Friends :

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gif, nairobi, and la casa de papel image
Her best friends are Denver and Nairobi !

- Love interest :

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amour, romance, and boy image

- Life after heist :

Image by Gya
beach, blue, and ocean image
beach, ocean, and palm trees image
Image by lo🐻🐰🌙
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ocean, pool, and palms image
Island life with her love and her money :)

Ok guys, this is it, thank you for liking this article and stay tuned for the next ones !