1920 and memories of the old days image 20s, 90s, and fashion image vintage, 20s, and black and white image 1920, louise brooks, and vintage image
The iconic flapper dress.
der nachtzirkus image peaky blinders, polly gray, and ada shelby image 1920, 20s, and beautiful women image girl, makeup, and vintage image aesthetic, grace shelby, and details image chic, fashion, and 1920’s image
The 1920's as the “Age of Chic”.


20s, fashion, and hollywood image Image removed belleza, blanco y negro, and cine image art and photography image 30s, carole lombard, and supernatural image 1930, beauties, and 1930s style image 1932, history, and vintage image 1930s, 30s, and actress image Bette Davis and dangerous image Bette Davis, joan blondell, and three on a match image
Chic, elegant, beautifully and cleverly cut, very wearable and of course completely femenine.


stars, hedy lamarr, and vintage image maria felix, 40s, and 50s image
Influence of Hollywood Fashion.
40s, hedy lamarr, and retro image 40s, 50s, and vintage image 1940, rita hayworth, and 1940's fashion image 1941, barbara stanwyck, and 1940's fashion image katharine hepburn, style, and 1940's fashion image black and white, classic hollywood, and vintage image 40s, chair, and actress image street style and 1940's fashion image
The iconic femme fatale.


Marilyn Monroe, pink, and vintage image Marilyn Monroe, 50s, and 60s image Marilyn Monroe, red, and vintage image Image by lo🐻🐰🌙 vintage, bikini, and 1959 image Image by Kip66
50s Pin Up Fashion.
1950, beautiful, and sophia loren image vintage, black and white, and dress image 1950, moda, and chanel image Image by Gal
The key shape for the decade was a feminine, exaggerated hourglass silhouette.


twiggy and 60s image 60s, pink, and retro image Image by lo🐻🐰🌙 1950, 1960, and 1970 image 90's, films, and actress image sharon tate, vintage, and 60s image Image by di Image by kindalostgal
The Swinging Sixties is known for major shifts in culture, politics, music, and fashion.
hair, vintage, and black and white image 60s, french cinema, and anna karina image
The tumultuous decade had a direct connection with how people chose to express themselves through style.


shoes image shoes, aesthetic, and vintage image Mila Kunis and jackie burkhart image 70s, fashion, and flowerpower image Taylor Swift and red image vintage, 90s, and aesthetic image vintage, dress, and retro image 70s and fashion image 70s, singer, and source:tumblr image cher, fashion, and 70s image
Continuing the 1960s fashion theme of individual style, flares, platforms, fringing and suede dominated the 70s fashion era


1980s, classic, and movies image 80s, dating, and Molly Ringwald image 1980, 1980s, and 80s image 80s, pretty in pink, and movie image Cherie Currie, foxes, and jodie foster image Heathers, veronicasawyer, and theheathers image Image removed madonna, 80s, and beautiful image 1980, 80s, and vmas image 1980, lady, and vintage image
The eighties certainly had a very strong identity, and people weren't afraid to experiment.


1990, tumblr, and 1990s image Clueless, 90s, and aesthetic image 1990 and 90s image Image removed fashion, model, and Naomi Campbell image 1990, beautiful, and fun image 1990, vintage, and paulina porizkova image 1990, 90s, and fashion image Angelina Jolie, 90s, and angelina image 1990, top model, and vintage image
From glam to grunge.


2000, britney spears, and oops i did it again image movie and pink image 2000, y2k, and aesthetic image 00s, nostalgia, and pink image 90s and britney spears image 2000, 90, and hair image mean girls, movie, and regina george image megan fox image 00s, Avril Lavigne, and goth image 00s, blue eyes, and makeup image
The rise of fast fashion and celebrities’ growing influence as style icons.


backstage, ball gown, and elie saab image details, fashion, and runway image chic, Dolce & Gabbana, and ready to wear image Inspiring Image on We Heart It kendall jenner image ama, american music awards, and award image Couture, fashion week, and aadnevik image kim kardashian image selena gomez and selena image
Instagram was born in 2010 and our world hasn't been the same since.

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