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A short necklace or choker with a pendant makes you look and feel bold, intriguing, and captivating. Wear one with a dress, t-shirt, tank top, or polo shirt to accent any look in a sensual way. The knuckles-on-hips pose is the cherry on top to make you look like the most intimidating boss in the room.

You can buy or make almost anything out of a pendant piece. With a bail, you can attach lockets, stones, crosses, cameos and more to either a cord, ribbon, or chain to start make a statement. It can complete any look you're aiming for and can be a very animated accessory to say the least.

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You just know you want to try this.

But a question you might be asking is how big should you go for? Whether you want something larger or smaller than 1-1/2 inches in size, there are perks to going in either direction.

Small Pendants

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For something you can flick, kiss, or push like a button, you can go small. Smaller pendants are generally lighter, so you can either wear them slightly above your clavicle or tight up to your throat without much issue. Wear a coin, stone, aromatherapy pendant, or other charm to add something beautiful to your face that isn't makeup, piercings, or tatts.

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How much for the whole head?

It's the more selfie/vlog-friendly option, since you can include it all in your shots with you. They work well to compliment any facial expression. Any smile no longer looks like an ordinary smile.

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You'll also notice how charms are total performers! When you talk, your words are like lyrics they wiggle and jiggle to; as if a performance is going on right under your jaw. These are great for conversations in real life or social media videos, when you're looking to keep a person's attention for minutes at a time.

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What's more, smaller charms make your neck look strong. Wear it tight around your neck if you want to look thick, especially if it's accompanied by a cord or narrow ribbon. It will feel like a part of you.

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Sometimes it's the little things in life that make a difference to your style. Versatile, tolerable, and complementary, a small charm may be all you need to complete your look, and maybe even yourself a

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Necklace, necklace, necklace!

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Large Pendants

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Look dangerous with a large, lethal pendant. How big are you willing to go? Being far bigger, they are much more noticeable on you. With such immense size, these look like the kinds you see on custom-made dolls that sell for tens of thousands of bucks. Put one on in front of the vanity for the first time & you'll be stunned by your reflection. Just remember to get to work on time!

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--Oh. Didn't even notice Cindy Crawford.

As larger pendants stand out better, they do wonders in adding to dresses, dirndls, and outfits that are lacking in the neck and chest area. They can add some much-needed color, and in the case of cameos, we can actually see the pilot controlling that beast.

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Large pendants work to make your neck slimmer. If you want your neck to look slender, a larger pendant will definitely work in your favor compared to a smaller one. While you might argue that a larger pendant doesn't offer much class, the effects it can give off can't be disputed.

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With a bad choker day, even bad hair days are awesome.

Some might be heavy, but that's okay. If you can wear it close to the throat comfortably, more power to you! Some will droop down lower but it still looks amazing! The U or V-shape your band forms will make for a sophisticated aesthetic.

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A large pendant doesn't move as much as a small one just by talking, but the tradeoff is that there's movement when you move. Dance, bounce, headbang, whip your hair back, and it will sway, flip and rock to move as dynamically as you do. Rock a high-collared shirt along with it and you'll look unstoppable.

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Every supermodel needs her super necklace. It's a great way to start turning heads whether you're at work, in front of the green screen, or anywhere else. Get a large pendant for a necklace that kicks ass with you throughout your day.

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For a quick comparison, here's a quick rundown of both small and large pendant chokers for your reference.

Wear a small pendant for:

  • A better complement for the face.
  • Something that fits well inside selfies/vlogs.
  • Short, sexy wiggling.
  • A thick, bodybuilder-like neck.

Wear a large pendant for:

  • A better complement for your clothing.
  • More detail from another person's point of view.
  • Large, swaying motion.
  • A slender-looking neck.

Until next time!

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