Chapter 5

I was scared to death. My hands were shaking, my throat was sore and my eyes were wide open. I couldn't die. Not like that. And besides, my plan is to save the queen, I can't die without saving her. The rope was tightly tied around my arms and legs, I could barely move and I couldn't escape. The witch went to get the knife knowing I couldn't escape, but she still gave me chance. Something is wrong. She has something up her sleeve. I know she is smart and she must have a plan. She knows I'll try to escape. And I have a plan how without being killed. She came back with a knife dipped in poison. She stabbed me in my heart thinking I'm dead. When she stabbed me she cut off the rope.

' I'm not as predictable as you think. ' I smiled putting a shield I wore in case something happens on the floor.
She gasped and I ran away as far as I could. It was morning already. I was exhausted but the queen is waiting and I can't spend my time on sleeping. I continued with my journey. I found wild berries in a bush next to the lake. I was too tired for walking so I decided to eat the berries I found and sleep on a water lily leaf. I had a dream of a tree again. It was dark and it looked like the tree comes from the Whispering Woods.

I woke up, but there was a big problem. I was not in the Graceworth Forest anymore. I was standing in front of the Whispering Woods. Everything was dark and it was cold. The trees were lifeless and had no leafs. The grass was the wet and cold wind was blowing in my face and was playing with my hair. The lake had only one leaf and it was the one I was sleeping on. I started walking but the path the dwarf from the Graceworth Forest was talking about was long gone. I walked through the forest and I sat on the ground. There was a map in my backpack that helped me find out where am I now. I found out I have to walk for five minutes to get to the king's castle. And so I walked but when I got there, there was no castle. There was only the tall tree as lifeless as others. I sat on one of its branches and then I heard something. Someone was growling so hard I got chills. It was night and all I saw were red eyes looking at me. The creature was tall and huge. It came a little closer. It was the one and only: Wendigo. I started to run. But the creature was faster than me. I grabbed the sword I had in my backpack and the poisonous knife I stole from the witch. I started to fly and I stabbed his back. It acted as nothing happened. Then I used my knife and I stabbed his arm but he grabbed me with his wide ugly and bloody hands. He was just about to eat me when he died because of the knife. He fell on me and I couldn't move or breathe. I was so mad on fairies for bringing the mythological creatures from all over the world. I tried to move him but he was to heavy. I collapsed.