Trying out a new thing today! I'm gonna do a deep dive into some of my favourite artists and tell you why exactly you should listen to them. Mainly because I just love talking about music and my fave artists (and partly because this is good practise for my assignment).

So, let's talk Taylor Swift.

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Everyone knows her and her music, and for good reason. She produces hit after hit. From country, to pop to alternative, Taylor has truly made music that just about anyone would vibe with.

So, what should you listen to?

If you're a fan of country, I would start with Fearless (Taylor's Version). Personally, I'm not a fan of country music, but oh my god this album may have changed that. There's so much nostalgia on this album, especially if you're like me who grew up dancing along to You Belong With Me and Love Story. Being her first rerecorded album too, you get to appreciate her old songs without supporting a certain scooter. Be prepared to feel all the feels with this album and scream the words along with her.

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Fearless (Taylor's Version)

My go to top 3:
1. Forever and Always (TV)
2. The Other Side of the Door (TV)
3. You Belong With Me (TV)

If you like a mix of pop and country, Speak Now and Red both have great options. While Speak Now (TV) is probably a long way off, Red (Taylor's Version) drops November 19, so now is a good time to familiarise yourself with some hits.

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Red (Taylor's Version)

Where you should start:
1. State of Grace
2. Holy Ground
3. All Too Well (be prepared to fall in love with this song, even more so when she drops the ten minute version!)

If pop is more your thing, 1989 and Lover will be your best friends. 1989 has so many songs that are just perfect to dance around your room to. It also has (in my opinion) one of her absolute best songs on this album that gives you the biggest serotonin boost.

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My faves:
1. New Romantics
2. Wildest Dreams
3. All You Had To Do Was Stay

Now, quick mention to Lover. I know this album gets a lot of hate, which in my opinion is so undeserved! This was her first album outside of Big Machine Records, and I know ya'll hate on it from the singles (ahem, ME!) But, you seriously need to give it another listen. There's so many hidden gems on this album and it deserves all the praise. Seriously, I see Lover slander from swifties all the damn time and it makes me so sad. This album revived my love for Taylor and I will defend it till I die.

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Listen to these:
1. The Archer
2. Cruel Summer
3. Death by a Thousand Cuts

I thought I was just going to talk about those two albums for her pop music but I can't pass up the opportunity to talk about Reputation. Talk about the comeback of the decade! After a certain POS (cough Kanye) and Ms Kardashian ran their mouths (which was all proven to be that THEY were lying and Taylor was INNOCENT ALL ALONG) it seemed that everyone hated her. But she truly bounced back with Look What You Made Me Do and (to me) her best album was born.

Now to be honest, I let myself believe those rumours. Possibly because I was hardcore in my i'm not like other girls phase on tumblr and listening to All Time Low and Mayday Parade thinking I was so much cooler (like, I was anything BUT cool) and I hopped on the hate train. Am I proud of that time? No (however, still love emo music). People mature though, and once I rediscovered my love for Taylor in 2019 I haven't gone back since.

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Start with these:
1. Call It What You Want
2. Getaway Car
3. Don't Blame Me

Finally, we're at her more surprising music; her alternative albums Folklore and Evermore. Oh my god, the day she announced that she was literally dropping a whole ass album with less than 24 hours notice was so so crazy! To this day whenever I hear a notification late at night the first thought in my mind is Taylor Swift is releasing something. That girl lives rent free in my mind!!

Now, Folklore wasn't an instant love for me. Possibly because I was very much in my Lover / Reputation phase with Cruel Summer and Getaway Car on repeat. But, I truly think that Folklore (and Evermore) are truly special albums. Her talent for songwriting is truly showcased here. They have some of her best songs on these albums, and I would always recommend starting with these. For reference, I've got a younger sister who doesn't like a lot of mainstream pop music. Been trying for ages now to make her a swiftie, and the album that finally did it? Folklore. Now all day I'm hearing her constantly listen to Betty and I am one proud sister.

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My top 3:
1. August
2. The Last Great American Dynasty
3. Invisible String

And finally, let's talk about Evermore. Another chaotic day for swifties when she surprise dropped this album too. This will probably make sense after you listen but I always say that while Folklore is the better album, Evermore has the better songs. Some of my all time faves reside on this album. It's such a great album to start with.

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Listen to these:
1. Ivy
2. Long Story Short
3. Champagne Problems

And that's basically it! I'm a firm believer that just about everyone will like at least some of her songs, even if it's just her singles. To make things easier, I've made a playlist with all the songs mentioned (as well as some from the albums I didn't mention) which can be found here (I make a lot of fun and different playlists, so check those out for other inspiration too!)

Hope you enjoyed this! Feel like I may have rambled on a bit at times, but I'm a very passionate swiftie. The next artist I do probably won't be as recognisable as Taylor, but I wanted to start with someone who is very well known as well as someone who I know heaps about. I said it in my mobile journalism class, and I'll say it here too; my dream interviewee is Taylor Swift. Like, the questions I have for her are endless.

Have a great day,
Georgia :)