Chapter 4

I was walking through the forest, listening to the lake and the birds singing. There was a mushroom. It was little and white. But you couldn't really see the real colour of the mushroom because fireflies were all around the dark forest so the greenish light prevailed in the forest.

I sat on one of the mushrooms thinking where should I go next to find out a bit more about the king's past. I pulled a map out of my backpack and observed it for a while. After few minutes I figured where am I at this moment, and then I realised that I'm really close to the library. But the library's owner was a witch. Five thousand years ago witches and fairies got into the fight. No one really knows why, but everyone knows witches said they'll kill every fairy they see. I was afraid so I gave up on that idea. I continued with my journey. After an hour of walking, there was the library standing in front of my nose. A little cottage with plants hanging from the roof. It was closed. There was no light. Even though I knew it would be wrong to go inside I also knew I had no choice if wanted to save the queen. So I picked up a rock and I destroyed the lock.

The door opened. I went inside. It smelled like peppermint and freshly baked blueberry muffins. I was terribly afraid, but I kept going. In front of me was a shelf made of wood and with leaves wrapped around it. I touched the shelf with my hand and I was just about to start searching for the book that could tell me something about the king. Someone grabbed my hand and I turned around, there was a witch with a purple hat and in a black velvet long dress with long sleeves. I collapsed.

The next thing I remember is sitting on a chair in some room by the fireplace tied with rope. The witch was standing in front of me. Everything was so blurry, I couldn't see her face clearly.

" Well look who was brave enough to come to my library. Little fairy Lilith."

I had no idea what was she talking about. Fairies don't have a name. We are all remembered by a fairy of something, for example; light.

" What are you talking about. I'm not Lilith. " I said.

" I guess you don't remember your real name. Well don't worry, I'll show you who Lilith is sweet little fairy."

" And how do you plan on doing that?" I asked.

" Oh child, do you not remember me?"

The witch came a little closer. Nothing was blurry anymore. I recognized her.

I gasped. She was the person who rescued me from Babok. The one who showed me the past. The Fairy of The Past. Even though now I know she is no fairy. She closed my eyes with her fingers as she did before and I saw a blonde girl with grey eyes. It was me. I was holding a puppy and standing in front of an old cottage with grass so big it touched my knees and poppy as red as blood. I went inside. The cottage was full of dust and it smelled awful. I was pretty sure no one was cleaning it for at least a decade. People much older than me came in. The woman looked like me but much older, and the man was holding her hand.

" I know it's awfully dirty Lilith, but when we clean it will be perfect. " The woman said. " Why don't you go clean your room. " The man handed me a wet towel.

" Yes, dad. " I said.

That situation was weird for me because fairies don't have parents, and I called that man "dad". I went into the dark green coloured room with a bookshelf made of wood and I started cleaning it. The shelf was really high so I climbed on a bed and continued with cleaning. The books started to fall. I picked up a few books and I found a necklace laying on the floor. The necklace was beautiful. It was golden with a rose on it. I decided to put the necklace on my neck. It was night already. I fell asleep, but I couldn't sleep. The fireflies were flying around me. I opened my eyes and I was in my garden. I followed the fireflies into the woods. In the middle of the woods, there was a tree with little doors. I opened them. I was in Graceworth Forest, wearing a white silk dress with butterflies all around me. I met the queen. She was as beautiful as the sunset. She was not the queen I know now though. After a long time, I saw myself fighting with the King of the Whispering Woods. I heard someone said his sister is missing, so the King stopped the war.

I ran into the cottage and the queen was badly hurt. I cried with her in my arms apologizing to her for my failure. And then she died. I ran from the woods and I was in the cottage where I lived. The next night I ran into the Graceworth Forest again. There was a new queen. The queen I'm searching for now. And she told me if I want to leave here I have to forget about my past and... about my name. I accepted the offer. A lot of years passed and I was who I am now. The witch moved her fingers and I woke up. I was shocked.

" No one can know I showed you that much. I cannot trust you, I guess I'll have to kill you. " The witch said.