happier // olivia rodrigo

aesthetic, blurry, and minimal image couple, paris, and love image
"I hope you're happy, I wish you all the best, really. Say you love her, baby, just not like you loved me. And think of me fondly when your hands are on her. I hope you're happy, but don't be happier..."

mad about you // hooverphonic

couple and love image bed, couple, and sheets image
"Give me all your true hate. And I'll translate it in our bed. Into never seen passion, never seen passion. That's why I am so mad about you."

she's the lucky one // victoria beaumont

Image by Rosalie H. โ™ก city, girl, and hairstyle image
"I can try and bring her back. But she's gone. She in a road among the love. Now she's gone where no one knows. Like a river running wild, she's away. She's gone away."

remember // seinabo sey

france, skam, and lucas and eliott image france, skam, and lucas and eliott image
"When the trumpets call you can send me to the lord. Whatever we become I was there before it all. When the morning comes you can sing me to the sun.

fear of the water // syml

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"If this was meant for me, why does it hurt so much? And if you're not made for me, why did we fall in love?"

let's fall in love for the night (1964) // FINNEAS

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"Let's fall in love for the night and forget in the mornin'. Play me a song that you like. You can bet I'll know every line."