Sunshine Utonium

When the Powerpuff Girls got too old and determined to have a new life, I took on the security of Townsville .


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The Powerpuff Girls,Sisters

Blossom,Buttercup and Bubbles

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Bliss,Sister and BFF

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Professor Utonium,Father

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The creation

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After the girls were born, the Professor took some of the magic portion and that's how I was born. In addition to the girls' ingredients, sunshine, more sugar, marshmallows,cotton candy and chocolate chips were added, along with the X Chemical.



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X-ray vision, teleportation and super strength

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The mixture of everything nice, spice and sugar.


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Dancing, eating sweets, drawing, going to the park...

Bad Guy

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The Crazy Monkey still terrorizes Townsville...


On Mission

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