hey guys! this is my first article and i was actually planning on doing something different, but I really wanted to try this:)

inspired by:

1. open your playlist;
2. put it on shuffle;
3. press play;
4. for each question write down the name of the song that is playing;
5. move on to the next song to answer the next question;

so I actually kind of did this wrong and pressed shuffle for each song instead of just pressing once and going through the queue and now I have two versions. so I'm just gonna share both of them:)

opening credits

good 4 u - olivia rodrigo

aesthetic, eyes, and quotes image theme and rp image
maybe I'm too emotional, but your apathy is like a wound in salt

brutal - olivia rodrigo

tattoo, snake, and medusa image accessories, girl, and goth image
and I'm so sick of 17, where's my fucking teenage dream?

theme of your birth

villain - wild fire

aesthetic, clouds, and explosion image Image removed
you know I speak in riddles and I'm plotting to destroy

shoukei to shikabane no michi - linked horizon

arte, ilustraciones, and fantasía image drawing, art, and Leonardo da Vinci image
der weg der sehnsucht und leichen

first day of school

i'm not okay (i promise) - my chemical romance

aesthetic, death, and emo image eyes, aesthetic, and grunge image
you said you′d read me like a book, but the pages are all torn and frayed

someone to you - banners

love, couple, and aesthetic image love image
I'll make the moon shine just for your view, I'll make the starlight circle the room

first fight

bang - gorky park

Image by {V} aesthetic, blood, and dark image
steady weather, it's always cool, the street teaches what you learn at school

light - sleeping at last

aesthetic, bedroom, and home image aesthetic, child, and children image
though your heart is far too young to realize the unimaginable light you hold inside

first loving/attraction frustration

papaoutai - stromae

first love, black aesthetic, and dark aesthetic image love, hands, and couple image
serons-nous détestables? serons-nous admirables? des géniteurs ou des génies?

dude looks like a lady - aerosmith

i know many people view the meaning of this song differently, but given the situation (and in general) this just seems very wrong and transphobic

theme of your school life

somewhere only we know - lily allen

aesthetic, note, and self love image angel, aesthetic, and grunge image
oh, simple thing, where have you gone? I'm getting old and I need someone to rely on

radioactive - marina

girl, japan, and japanese image love, marina and the diamonds, and nuclear image
but baby, I'm the one who left you, you're not the one who left me

theme of adulthood/adult life

successful - ariana grande

dark academia image quotes, goals, and black image
tonight, I'm a baller, babe. even way beneath in

dead men don't rape - 7 year bitch

Image by daddyimdepressed book and witch image
no, my revenge is death, 'cuz you deserve the best

valentine song

moon river - audrey hepburn

moon, netherlands, and night sky image quotes, book, and moon image
two drifters, off to see the world

little bastards - palaye royale

fire, grunge, and aesthetic image fake, friends, and no more image
so fuck you, I don't even like you. I'm sick of all the fake

the relationship

bad reputation - joan jett & the blackhearts

70s, bands, and rock image quotes, grunge, and Reputation image
a girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do

whispers in the dark - skillet

aesthetic, grunge, and lies image red, hands, and aesthetic image
my love is just waiting to turn your tears to roses

wedding song

angel with a shotgun - the cab

angel, wings, and city image Abusive image
I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe

sans toi - pomme

aesthetic, heart, and alternative image quotes, sad, and love image
des chants de guerre depuis je compose et dans mes airs je te tue en prose

your first time

hot girl bummer - blackbear

aesthetic, music, and cover image girl, water, and sea image
this that social awkward suicide that bite your lips and buy your likes

cuando nadie ve - morat

dark, fashion, and love image boy, girl, and never image
diré que es mentira que toda una vida he soñado contigo

first song you played in your car

i see red - everybody loves an outlaw

Devil, red, and aesthetic image love, grunge, and radio image
I'll remember those words, when I come for your soul, your soul

take me to the top - mötley crüe

Temporarily removed Abusive image
a sheer sheer heart attack

theme of your flashbacks

time in a bottle - yungblud

Temporarily removed grunge, pale, and grow up image
but there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, once you find them

na na na - my chemical romance

aesthetic, anarchist, and anarchy image Temporarily removed
everybody wants to change the world. but no one, no one wants to die

song that will play when you die

drivers license - olivia rodrigo

flowers, skull, and art image quotes, aesthetic, and emotional image
and I just can't imagine how you could be so okay, now that I'm gone

happy together - the turtles

Image by lucca love, anime, and pink image
when you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue for all my life

ending credits

my bloody valentine - machine gun kelly

Temporarily removed my bloody valentine and shoegaze image
let's play pretend and treat this night like it'll happen again

die young - kesha

quotes, live, and text image end, aesthetic, and grunge image
like it's the last night of our lives; we'll keep dancing till we die

that's it! thank you for staying, hope you enjoyed and have a nice rest of your day/night:)

- misty <3