Hello my little sweaty gremlins i'm back with some movie recs!
Here you'll find some good (usually indie) movies that aren't caged in the usual american movies stereotypes.
So, let's get started, shall we?

# Alive

# 살아있다, # Saraitda

This is like one of my favourite films ever so yeah I highly recommend. The story of this Korean movie seems to be like the usual zombie one but it's entirely set in an apartment building, where the protagonist (Oh Joon-woo, a young man with a passion for videogames) lives. There's an obvious tw for blood and gore (cause y'know, zombies ), and a tw for isolation in the first part of the movie and for a suicide attempt (nothing bad happens but I felt like I needed to point it out).

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I give it a 9,5/10



OK SO, this one was the first movie directed by a Black woman to be featured in the Cannes festival, and really, it deserves so much more hype. It talks about life, love, rotten society rules, tragedy, ghosts and obviously, the sea. (It's on Netflix, it deserves so much appreciation).

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I give it an 8/10 because it was a bit slow sometimes


L'Estate Addosso

This is an Italian movie but it's almost entirely set in America and they speak English for the most part of it. It's probably the most lighthearted you'll find on this list. It's the story of a boy from Rome who goes on vacation in America with a girl he despises. At first, at least. Their hosts are a gay couple and the start is a bit rocky but the four of them soon begin being friends. Very slight tw for homophobia but it's addressed almost immediately and they talk about it so it's cool. Also some infidelity.

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I give it an 7,5/10

Train to Busan

부산행, Busanhaeng

Yet another Korean zombie movie!! If # Alive is more about survival instinct and loneliness, this one concentrates on relationships. Like the zombies are just a way to emphazise them. It's entirely set inside a train, which is attacked by zombies and the passengers have to figure out a way to survive. But buckle your seatbelts cause a lot of characters die so don't get attached. And anyway.............. dilfs...................... yeah. Tw for blood, gore and a bit of claustrophobia.

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a well deserved 9/10


This Australian movie has the usual coming of age teenage movie with a sick main character trope, but twists it. It doesn't romanticize neither illness nor death, which is interesting. Basically it's about a girl with cancer, Milla, who decides to have a relationship with a boy much older than her (she's 16 and he's 23). And the thing that most surprised me about this movie is that he's super respectful. He always helps her and never forces her to do anything. He's also like a drug dealer so y'know he isn't the best of people. It's not a perfect movie but sure as hell it's an interesting one and the ending for me is the best part. Anyway general tw for illness (vomiting, medecine, nosebleeds), for recreational drug use and an attempted suicide scene (it's towards the very end if you want to skip it, like I did). Also fun fact but in Italian the boyfriend, Moses, is voiced by the same dude who dubbed Eren Jeager and Saitama.

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i give it a 7/10

Your Name Engraved Herein

刻在你心底的名字, Kē zài nǐ xīndǐ de míngzì

I have MANY feelings about this Chinese movie. Because even though it's like a good movie, honestly speaking, it still falls in the trope of angsty gay relationships. I won't spoil anything but guys, if you're looking for a feel-good gay movie, you're looking in the wrong direction. If you feel like watching a nice movie, then you're in the right place. It's set in Taiwan, in 1987, where two boys fall in love with each other in school but many things stop them from being together, especially themselves. Tw for homophobia, a bit of religious trauma and a sex scene with dubious consent (spoiler), it's not a full on sex scene, a character jerks the other off but there is no explicit consent.

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i give it a 8,5/10

A Classic Horror Story

Guys, guys I don't think y'all understand but this is like the first ever Italian horror movie. No one has ever done anything like this before. Like yes eerie movies, thriller movies but never a full on horror/slasher. I was so hyped about it. It's good and it delves deep into some issues in Italian culture. The plot is the one of a classic horror story, as the title says. There's this group of people whose car breaks down and they find a very bizarre house, all alone in the woods. Then stuff goes wild. I really liked this movie, the final plot twist is one of the best ones (you can tell I'm a horror buff, probably lmao). Tw for vomiting, blood, gore, violence, dream logic, unreality and a bit of ableism.

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9/10 cause yeaaaaaah

And this is it! I hope you'd like to watch some of these movies, because they deserve a lot.
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