About journal prompts, is it worth it ?

I’m more of an intuitive writer when it comes to journaling. I always wrote in my journals my thoughts as they came, without thinking too much about it. The purpose was especially to not overthink it, to go with the flow, to discover in the process the things that needed to escape my mind. Wherever I could feel anxiety coming without being able to identify why, my journal was - and still is - my best ally to understand where it's coming from. I’m just writing everything that comes to my mind until I feel better.

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I never used journal prompts before, or pretty rarely. Honestly, I didn’t really understand the hype around it. As I said, I’m more of an intuitive writer and it felt restrictive to force my writing to fit into a question I’ve pre-set. I guess journaling is a whole personal journey, with its perks and shifts. There’s no rules and that’s what's amazing about it. Anyway, lately I’ve changed my mind about writing prompts. I’ve realized it’s a powerful tool for both pep-talk yourself and self-awareness. At least that’s how I use it. It’s a brand new way for me to motivate myself during a period of my life where I’m preparing a lot of “big” things for the future. I kinda need a reminder of how far I’ve come if I don’t want to lose my ground and be all stressed out about this future. It also allows me to dive deeper on self-reflection. Intuitive writing is amazing, but I personally found writing prompts are a great way to ask yourself simple, yet powerful questions you’ve never been asked before. I used to think I prefer not to overflow myself even more with questions, I already ask myself way too much lmao ! But idk, now I think it’s interesting from time to time. I realized you don’t need to overthink the writing prompts either. It doesn’t need to be “perfect” in any way (what does that mean anyway ?). It’s actually a funny way to journal.

You pick a question, you go for it and here comes a frame of your mind you wrote at 06.08.21 at 1 am. It has its poetry.
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Most of the questions come either from youtube, myself, whi or pinterest images.

d a i l y / w e e k l y
  • An exciting thing that happened today // A draining thing that happened today
  • What is exciting today ? // What worries you about today ?
  • How am I feeling right now ? Can I identify why or when it started ? What can I do right now to cope with this feeling ?
This one is my favorite daily. Maybe the one I use the most because it’s so helpful with both understanding emotions and learning to deal better with them. It’s a two way therapy. Being pretty sensitive I tend to live rollercoasters with my emotions if I don’t practise coping mechanisms daily. I’m actually writing a full article about how this specific prompt helps with mental health, especially to avoid “relapses” (for example avoid anxiety attacks or a slump). It will be posted on the @whisafeplace account if you’re interested.
  • Today’s outfit
  • What’s a choice I can make today or this week based on my needs ?
  • The four things I’m grateful for today
  • The best idea I’ve had this week (about anything)
  • Bullet-point your whole day (when you need clarity about what went well or wrong for you today, how you can organize better, etc.)
  • 5 songs you're listening to at the moment and their meaning to you

Actually, I don’t really use daily prompts on a daily basis haha. I know some people love to do it, they answer the same pattern of prompts each day and it can be a great tool for example to understand your moods and what triggers them better, or to set daily goals better, etc. Personally, I won't force myself into daily journaling as I don't feel the need to. It's more about reflecting on my day every now and then, especially when I need to clarify or process confusing feelings about a heavy day.

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s e l f - a w a r e n e s s
  • A question that need to be asked
  • What is something that you miss
  • Write about a lesson you’ve learnt the hard way
  • What year has been your best/worse year so far and why ?
  • How are you creative ?
  • 10 things that make you happy
  • What brought me joy as a child ? How can you incorporate more of those in my life now ?
  • What are some fears that you struggle to let go of ?
  • What can you do to protect my peace in life ?
  • Your comfort shows and movies
  • What is a part of your story that built you as who I am right now ?
  • 5 of your favorite songs of all time and their meaning to you
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p e p - t a l k / m o t i v a t i o n
  • Tiny steps you’re already taking towards your dreams
  • Write about what’s kicking ass in your life right now // What is an area of your life you’d like to improve and how ?
  • What can I do today that I didn’t think I could do a year ago ?
  • Write about something you’re really proud of
  • What are your three biggest achievements so far ?
  • Where do I see myself in 6 month ? A year ? 5 years ? 10 years ? (incorporate a vision board)
  • Write about something positive that someone told you about yourself and you never forget
  • Actions that you admire
  • Write about someone that inspires you
  • What is your best trait ?
  • What is your biggest life goal // What are you looking forward to ?

If you haven't figured out what you wanna do with your life (big question) you can also use writing prompts as a way to understand that, or more clearly set your needs and goals. There’s plenty of examples on the net if you’re interested. Personally, it’s more about reflecting on how far I’ve come, reflecting on goals I’ve already set. It’s a way to pep-talk myself otherwise I tend to be a “never enough” person. I realized I don’t even think about making myself proud because there’s always a way to step up about me, so when will I be proud other than when I remind myself to be ? I think there’s no shame in that and I know a lot of people will relate. Simply, I try to be aware of it and “train” myself to be proud.

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What matters is that you find a way of journaling that suits you, no matter what it is. It may be writing prompts, or it may not. Some writing prompts may work for you, others not. If you’re interested in journaling for whatever reasons, the first step is simply to start writing. You’ll figure out what suits you in the process, by experiencing different things. Writing prompts weren’t my thing at all at first, and now I found they have some advantages. As everything, it’s a step by step journey.

Much love
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