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Hi again :D All of these fics are for softies like me only. I always try to NOT to include smut but well, sometimes it just happens but whatever, it's now like it changes (debatable) the whole plot. Ah, sorry, but I do it for ace fellas la la la ~


❀ "let me take (care of) you" by patchy

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Right before debut, Yoongi gets warned to treat Taehyung better. “Taehyung doesn’t show it, but he’s upset,” Namjoon tells him. “Can’t you try to be a bit nicer to him?” Now, five years later, as Taehyung presses him down into the sheets and trails kisses down his chest, Yoongi thinks that Namjoon should’ve warned him of the opposite instead.

I like the way the chapters of this story are organized. Ah, in general, I like it too much when it comes to canon-compliant ... sorry, I'm weak to my delulu side. This is a sweet fic about friendship and understanding with a touch of romantic love :)

❀ "Hero Worship (Is More Than A Phase)" by predilection

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Five times Yoongi was Taehyung's hero and one time Taehyung was Yoongi's.

I've noticed how most of the canon-compliant fics focus on the development of the friendly relationship between Taehyung and Yoongi since it's known that the two are VERY different and weren't as close as they are now. This is one of those stories because, in order to bond with anyone, it also takes a lot of sympathy and love.

❀ "I miss you, or maybe I love you" by Yooniesmeow

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Yoongi being on a break to recover after his surgery left Taehyung with a lot of time to miss him. He pays Yoongi a visit and shares more than he ever meant to.

A coming-out story... I don't have much to say, these kinds of stories in real life are not as nice as they are shown on ao3. This is one of those stories that you wish you hadn't read, but then you read it again anyway.

❀ "timing's everything (gotta get that shit right)" by hoars

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by the time yoongi and taehyung realize the others in the group aren't just politely ignoring their relationship, it's been a few months. by then it seemed a little awkward to admit their relationship that developed underneath everyone's noses.

Something short but cheerful for you to recover from the previous fic. The end tho.

❀ "my heart flutters from the sugar high" by hoars

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Yoongi and Taehyung sneak around together, cheating on their diets. The group? They've drawn different conclusions.

This is such a hilarious story, I recommend it 100%!!!

❀ "Behind the Scenes" by raikaya (rqyh)

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“If it means getting to stay with you, then I’m fine.”

I think you notice the patterns of my tastes... I just can't help but not read about secret relationships...

❀ "chasing sunsets with you" by taegikook

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taehyung wants to go out on a date with yoongi, but they both know it'll be hard especially if they want to keep it secret

A date in Hawaii :3 and a secret relationship of course -.-

❀ " wholeness is (your hand in mine)" by boymeetsthelast

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With Yoongi, Taehyung won't have to be alone during the highs nor the lows.

There's a hint of soft angst but it's not that bad compared to other fics I've read before.... (yes, I'm talking about you, hyyh yoonkook).

❀ "just one day, if i can hold your hands" by classic_phan

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Not everything goes as planned but they make it work.

This is cheesy but well, hands and partner trust are included, so I might add it.

❀ "Pouring" by youngrenegades

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Taehyung and Yoongi switch bodies for a day.

This one is interesting, but I must warn that there is smut! not that much, but it is there.

❀ "in front of everyone's salad" by aileron

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Taehyung absolutely 100% does not behave.

Taehyung being a brat and Yoongi on the verge of giving up his restraint. There is also some smut, but nothing too scandalous(?)

❀ "you and me" by lusterrdust

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taehyung feels a little neglected. yoongi is a good hyung

I have mixed feelings with this story because the characters' attitudes are completely altered, but what matters is that Yoongi is a good hyung.

❀ "a serial solution" by KittenSmitten

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When Taehyung sets his mind on something, Yoongi knows there's only one way to bring him around.

Something short that you can read in just a few minutes. In the tags, it appears as a platonic relationship. I add it because I liked the interaction between the two of them! something domestic, nothing too extra.

❀ "Never Be Alone" by Jiminssi_ifya (unamaga), unamaga

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He’s been away from the members before and for more extended periods of time, but being yanked away from them by an emotionally demanding family crisis during Bon Voyage, something that’s come to mean so much for them as a family, after only a few days of half-relaxation - it was hard. It is hard.

Also something REALLY short.

❀ "Cumpleaños de YoonGi" by EunJiBeauty

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-Se siente bien escucharte decir te amo. Por favor, dilo más a menudo.

It's a pity there is no English translation... maybe I'll ask permission and do it myself, but I don't promise anything. It's a very sweet story about that time when it was Yoongi's birthday and Taehyung told him I love you, and he DEMANDED to be told I love you back! haha

───✱.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───*

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That's it for now.
BTS fanfic recs
BTS fanfic recs