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your hogwarts house?

aesthetic, dark, and gryffindor image book, harry potter, and gryffindor image

your wand?

harry potter and wand image harry potter, wand, and ollivanders image
my wand is made of hornbeam wood with a unicorn hair core, 14 ¼" and slightly springy flexibility.

favorite spells?

spell image spell image spell image spell image
reducto, sectumsempra, obliviate, and stupefy

favorite professors?

aesthetic, dark academia, and vintage image harry potter and minerva image
minerva mcgonagall

favorite classes?

potion and gif image harry potter image harry potter image harry potter image
herbology, potions, dada, and care of magical creatures

favorite magical creature?

harry potter, thestral, and fantastic beast image books, film, and harry potter image
mooncalf and thestral

favorite quote?

Image by lena fox aesthetic, brown, and dark image
"do not pity the dead, pity the living, and above all those who live without love"

favorite place in hogwarts?

Image by lena fox gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image books, vintage, and dark academia image harry potter, hogwarts, and lake image
library, gryffindor common room, black lake and quidditch pitch

what is my quidditch position?

Image by lena fox Image by lena fox
i play beater

favorite character?

Image by ✞αℓєχαηԃяα✞ wallpaper, gryffindor, and harry potter image
fred and george weasley

favorite marauder?

aesthetic, book, and dark academia image remus lupin image
remus lupin

favorite book?

slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image actor, harrypotter, and hogwarts image
this one is so hard but I would have to choose half blood prince

favorite movie?

aesthetic image harry potter and daily prophet image
definite the goblet of fire

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