hi guys! this is my first article on whi!!! i decided 2 make one to get that spotify clout LOLLLLLLL💪🏽💪🏽and also 2 see what ppl think of my music taste cos im curious🤔anyways ill post sum of my fav playlists and if u like them mayb follow them or whatever😭yay ok happy listening <444

my account! https://open.spotify.com/user/itsawildpotato-114?si=ddc259ae099c42bb

#1. khh krnb hype kpop playlist (always helps wake me up when im dyinf)

#2. secretly in love with mark lee (nothing more to say im genuinely in love with him)

#3. k-dump playlist (all da krnb khh in one sexy epic playlist)

#4. my rap/hip hop playlist (absolute GASSSS🤤jokes so basic but like its good u kno)

#5. krnb sleep & study playlist (actually works like if im listening to this i study so hard)

#6. summer roadtrip with yuta (super messy but like it's good .. i think?)

#7. rnb playlist (genuinely one of my fav playlists ever)

#8. throwback playlist (waiting to play this full blast at a party)

#9. kpop title songs (RANDOM PLAY DANCE😭😭😭)

#10. old school (all of these recs i learnt from my mother . so u kno theyre goooooodddddddd asf yas)

#11. jk playlist (my favourite ever sleepy playlist💪🏽jungkook makes me delu like actually helpf)

OK thank u 4 reading if uve made it this far um ur super cool idk how u stuck thru all that😭😭😭i hope u have a lovely day/night, i LOVE U and bye bye!!!!!!! ♡ ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و