inspired by this awesome bored person
ult groups
daesung, gdragon, and stage image
honestly i am a sucker for yg fam and i love bigbang, ikon and winner!!
k-pop, ot23, and kpop image
also all nct units including wayv
Jonghyun, SHINee, and minho image
yeah shinee is here too
juyeon, hyunjae, and sunwoo image
i guess i should include the boyz cause besides great looks they also serve cool music
top 5 girl groups
2ne1, CL, and snsd image
coming together in #1 are my bitches 2ne1 and snsd the greatest ggs to ever exist
funny, lol, and meme image
wjsn cheng xiao please come back girl
beautiful, twice, and ot9 image
twice their songs are always stuck in my head
beautiful, jennie, and kpop image
blackpink i told you i'm a sucker for yg
top 5 boy groups
beauty, boys, and song image
ikon and i am back with the yg groups you already know i love bigbang and shit so i wont include them on this particular list since theyre fucking dead or something JIYONG WAKE UP BABY
Jonghyun, kpop, and SHINee image
shinee of course
txt, taehyun, and soobin image
txt they're really the best of this generation fuck everyone else
kpop, soonyoung, and Seventeen image
seventeen right here🐯
treasure image
youre damn right ill include another mf yg group ladies and gentleman welcome to the stage treasure 👏👏👏👏👏 dont get me wrong nct is already up there
first song you listened to
genie, kpop, and snsd image
i have no idea i'm fucking old idk maybe it was genie or whatever snsd released in the 00s
ult bias(es)
kpop, SHINee, and Taemin image
T.O.P, VIP, and yg image
do you know any choreographies? (if yes, which ones?)
fx, f(x) gif, and 4 walls image
4 walls by f(x) is kinda easy
gif, twice, and like ooh ahh image
like ooh ahh
aesthetic, fashion, and miyayeah image
what/who made you become a kpop stan?
gif, the boys, and kpop image
tbh i used to listen to kpop before the boys but after that i really got into this world snsd were fucking crazy for this i def felt the heat
fav mv
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honestly is kinda hard to choose from sunmi mvs so i'll make a tiny list here it goes: 1 noir 2 siren 3 gashina 4 heroine thanks for coming to my ted talk
fav comeback
girls generation, snsd, and korean image
theres no way i can choose anything other than snsd the boys other groups literally postponed their comebacks because of them iconic shit
fav performance
gif, the boyz, and road to kingdom image
the boyz quasi una fantasia at road to kingdom wtf was that it looks like a dream
fav choreography
asian, gif, and korean image
fav maknae
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ikon chanwoo PLEASE WATCH CHANWOOSARI !!!!!!
do you own any merch?
no, i'm poor
fav debut song
k-pop, Taemin, and choi minho image
replay by shinee is not only my fav but also the best
fav hair color your ult bias(es) had/has
big bang, top, and kpop image
top's blue hair made the whole world go crazy
amazing, cool, and made image
but omg when he went blonde !!!!! and also g dragon's orange hair oh wow i died
gif, hair, and mark image
fav outfit your ult bias has worn
boy, kai, and sehun image
this should be illegal
have you ever been in a concert?
honestly i had the opportunity to watch suju, monsta x and sf9 but i'm just too dumb so i didnt :)
fav lyric(s)
7, bts, and ot7 image
omg so hard but i guess ill just go with zero o'clock by bts cause it really warms my 💔 (as well as life goes on)
what's a song you relate to (lyrically)?
gif, day6, and park sungjin image
zombie by day6
aesthetic, Jonghyun, and kpop image
lonely by jonghyun honestly could i be any more miserable?
btob, eunkwang, and forest: entrance image
of course i could! theres also no one knows by seo eunkwang this song is the saddest one in btob history
aesthetic, fantasy, and kpop image
get away out of my face, don’t come any closer boy! this is sunmi's siren
aesthetic, lee hayi, and lee hi image
the sadness isn't over yet! theres still a place for lee hi - holo
gif, txt, and tomorrow x together image
and finally txt anti-romantic! maybe i should write a whole other article about the sad kpops songs that feels like ive written
what other artists/songs do you listen to besides kpop?
gif, makeup, and model image
i've been listening to poppy a lot
boy, dance, and emotion image
i also love carly rae jepsen
caleb followill, gif, and kings of leon image
❤️❤️❤️kings of leon❤️❤️❤️

sometimes i make nice playlists

gif, pretty girl, and nako image
i'm sorry for this whole post i'm a bit high