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favorite movies

Marvel, thor, and marvel cinematic universe image thor odinson, Marvel, and thor image
thor: ragnarok
assemble, black widow, and cap image ironman and Marvel image
avengers: endgame

favorite trilogy

Marvel, black widow, and captain america image Marvel, captain america, and chris evans image
captain america

favorite female characters

wandavision, elizabeth olsen, and wanda maximoff image black widow, yelena belova, and florence pugh image Marvel, Avengers, and black widow image Avengers, hd, and Marvel image
wanda maximoff, yelena belova, natasha romanoff & gamora

favorite male characters

Marvel, tom hiddleston, and loki laufeyson image Marvel, marvel cinematic universe, and sebastian stan image Marvel, paul rudd, and ant-man image Temporarily removed
loki laufeyson, bucky barnes, scott lang & thor odinson

favorite villains

2, day, and villain image Avengers, Marvel, and thor image
loki laufeyson & hela odinsdottir

favorite powers

elizabeth olsen, mcu, and Marvel image loki, Avengers, and Marvel image
wanda maximoff & loki laufeyson

favorite original avenger

black widow, Scarlett Johansson, and natasha romanoff image captain america, chris evans, and disney + image
natasha romanoff & steve rogers

favorite guardian

rocket, guardians of the galaxy, and Marvel image guardians of the galaxy, Marvel, and rocket image

favorite couples

vision, scarlet witch, and wanda maximoff image zendaya, tom holland, and Marvel image
wanda & vision, peter & mj

favorite duos

Marvel, tom hiddleston, and loki laufeyson image captain america, black widow, and Marvel image falcon, Marvel, and sebastian stan image Marvel, quicksilver, and scarlet witch image
thor & loki, steve & natasha, sam & bucky, wanda & pietro

favorite infinity stone

Avengers, stone, and time image infinity war, Avengers, and Marvel image
the time stone

team cap or iron man

captain america, chris evans, and civil war image Marvel, captain america, and civil war image
team cap

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