Your boyfriend hasn't returned your call, and you're at a blank on what to do. Should you contact him and inquire as to what's up and why he hasn't called? Is it better to go to him and demand to know why he's not paying attention to you? Is it better to send him a text message and see how he responds? In fact, these are among among the worst things you can do in this situation. There's just one thing you should be doing when you're waiting for a man to call you back. You must disregard him.

There are a few reasons why your boyfriend hasn't phoned you back. Men, all in all, don't call their women back because they're either too lazy or don't care. If you and your boyfriend have created a pattern in your relationship where you're the one who calls him, he'll start taking advantage of it. He'll call you less since he knows you'll call him eventually. Another reason men don't call back is that they don't want to be bothered. It all boils down to the reality that they know we're going to call, so the best course of action is to avoid calling him.

It won't be long before your boyfriend starts to wonder what happened to you if you don't phone him back after he doesn't call you. When a man is accustomed to a woman pursuing him and she abruptly quits, his attention wanders. He'll immediately go to theories about why you haven't called. This will prompt him to call. When he calls, he'll be curious as to why you haven't called, and you may simply answer that you've been busy. Then hang up and tell him you have to get off the phone. Create a small space between you and him, and treat him more like a friend than a lover. If you succeed in doing so, his attention will be rekindled, and he will become much more attentive. He'll call you back as soon as he said he would.

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