Hey, everyone! Today, we have a team article for you all. It’s about our self-care favorites for July. We invite you to join us and write your own article about what has helped you to make it through a hard time, or simply care for yourself throughout this last month. Hope you enjoy!
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Astrid | @badasstrid

Reading and writing
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Pretty much the basics of self-care to me haha. This month I’ve read even more than usual as I had simply more time to do it and curiously I felt the need to do it more. I don’t really know why, a need to “retreat” and come back to calmer shores after my last exams I guess. There’s not much to say except than books are one of my safe places (you understand the name of this account now ☼), reading allows me to relax, to escape, to focus on something else. And when it comes to scientific readings I’m not relaxed I’m just thrilled haha.

Here are some of my favorites of this month :

> Le parfum des fleurs la nuit - Leïla Slimani

The author’s been literally confined in a museum in order to write this novel, which is quite an experience. I can't explain how much I loved this novel. It's a beautiful, profound self-reflection book that goes from topics such as the author’s experience of being an expatriate to thoughts on death, mass tourism, solitude and writing. This novel feels like running thoughts that are pleasing to read and might be relatable, at first. I understood as it goes, and maybe the author herself wasn't sure of how it would turn out, that it is truly about life purpose. This novel is about life purpose, writing as a life purpose especially here, and the understanding that our deepest wounds can turn out as our greatest driving forces.

> L’enfant céleste - Maud Simonnot

A mother and her child retreat on a lost greek island after tumultuous live events. A poetic and sensory novel about the process of healing, the perks of being highly sensitive and a mother-son relationship driven by a shared passion for nature and astronomy. I read each "chapter" (only a few pages for each chapter) as a poem. Her writing is so sensitive that I felt like I could feel the scenes sometimes. Each sight, each sensation were so rightly described. I love how she integrated high sensitivity as one of the main topics in the novel without skipping on the scenario. It’s maybe the first novel I’ve read with a high sensitivity representation, and it was great !

About writing it’s basically about my personal journal, but this month something else came to life. I don’t really know what this is for now, a new writing project ? Some kind of prose poems ? Idk lmao. I try not to define it, I don’t even consider it as a writing project. I simply write about personal thoughts sometimes and I like it and maybe someday it will do something book-alike.

Working on what I love the most, aka sociology (again)
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This pic : basically my everyday life on vacations and I hope it continues !! I’m sorry if my obsession for that precise subject annoys you (I won’t stop), I can’t help but talk about it all the time on whi and sometimes people don’t even know what sociology is lmao. This month has been about creating my research projects template on Notion (an amazing “note taking” app with extra tools). It’s a kind of database with all my ideas + all my readings + the process of research for each project when they come to life. I’ve started my readings for one project and I’ve got a journal in which I write messy ideas. Working when it’s about something you love and not an obligation, it’s truly precious nowadays. I’m just happy inside.

Anika | @TarnishedButSoGrand

Watching movies and TV shows
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This is honestly a very simple thing which almost everyone does but not me because my number one and main way of self care was reading but alas, I have been in a perpetual funk and have not been able to read in what feels like forever. So, I turned to the next best thing I guess, a rabbit hole of movies, documentaries and TV shows. This gives you a very easy opportunity to unwind and just relax, take a break from your world into someone else’s. My favorite thing about this was probably the fact that I found ‘Little Women’. It’s a movie with an excellent cast and soundtrack based on the classic with the same name by Louisa May Alcott. There was a character in it Jo March to whom I relate to highly as I am an aspiring writer too, so it felt almost like fate (yes, I believe in fate) to find her. The whole ordeal greatly inspired me to not give up on my dreams and aspirations just like Jo didn’t and hey, I think that’s the best self care there is.

Work work work
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Yes, work is self care for me because I absolutely love it. As you can see, I joined WHISP and have been writing & editing for this amazing place which is a dream come true. Being productive is an ultimate form of self care for me because it makes me feel good about myself and less incapable.

Spending time with my close ones
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I’ve been spending more time with my family, friends and boyfriend recently. Over this quarantine, I’ve come to realize how much we take for granted these precious moments with the people we love. It’s nice, to say the least, being with someone who appreciates you, cares for you and just wants the best for you <3

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