Hello, fellow readers! I'm sure you love travelling as much as I do and you want to explore more and more interestring places. So I've decided to show you some of my favourite places that I've visited.

1. Travelling with a friend

I was 3rd year medical student and I and a few of my colleagues decided to do a road trip to Greece. We went to Portokali Beach on Halkidiki and I so amazed by the colour of the water and the views!

Greece, Ελλάδα, and χαλκιδικη image

2. Favouritre city (so far)

4 years ago I went to Italy and it was a dream come true for me. One of the cities I visited was Sirmione which is located on the Garda Lake. The views are breathtaking, I promise you!

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3. The time I messed up

It was on the same trip to Italy. My mother and I had a fight and that made me very sad even though we were going to Venice- another dream come true for me. I had been waiting for this moment for years and when it finally came, I messed some things up and felt really bad. But at the end we made up and had a great time in this ancient city.

Image by Andrea Hegyi Egri

4. Something unexpectedly wonderful

I was visiting Ljubljana in Slovenia and was very hungry so I entered the first pizzaria my eyes saw. I swear to God it wasn't because of my hunger but it was the most delicious pizza I've ever tasted!

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5. A time I really struggled

I live in a country nearf Serbia so I had to travel hundreds of kilometres to reach Belgrade- the capital city of Serbia. I was so tired, my tummy hurted so much and I just wanted to get off the car. When I got back home, it turned out that I had appendicitis and I had to go under emergency surgery.

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6. When a picture says 1000 words

I was in Verona, Italy and was literally running to get to the house of Juliet before they closed it for the day. I was heartbroken so I wrote a letter to Juliet (which is a tradition when you go to her house) the day before and wanted to ''give'' it to her. Unfortunately, I was in front of the museum 2 minutes after they closed it and they didn't want to open it so that I can leave my letter. So I reached out a part of the wall that was close to me and left my letter there. Luckily, a few months later I met the love of my life so I think it was all worth it and Juliet read my letter and made my dream come true.

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7. Something I dared myself to do

I was on vacation with my friends and one of them drove us to a very interesting beach where there is a sunken ship. You can climb it and jump in the water or just swim around it. They wanted me to jump from the ship with them but I was terrified because I have fear from heights. At the end I jumped with rthem and felt really proud of myself for doing it because it was a lot of fun.

diving and shipwreck image

8. When I never wanted to go home

My sister and I went to Lefkada- a really beautiful island in Greece. We had the best 7 days there and I wish we can go ther4e again soon.

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9. When I wanted to go home

My parents, my sister and I went on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey. On the way back home, we and the other people that travelled with us were stopped on the border and they didn't let us go home because there was a problem with the documents of the car. It was autumn, it started rining and got cold and we weren't supposed to leave the car. We stayed on the border for a few hours, then they let us go because they fixed the documents. It was a terrifying situation but Istanbul is a pretty city and it is worth visiting so I would love to go there again even there are lots of bad memories.

istanbul image

10. Something that threw my breath away

This is definitely the Eiffel tower! Can't wait to go there again!

Image by lisa

Thank you for reading my article! I hope it was interesting for you to read my stories and find interesting places you can visit some day. Feel free to DM me your most favourite travel places and share your crazy stories with me! Till next time and don't forget to travel!

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