Introduction of a childhood dream - Behind The Scenes of our trilogy-in-making

Believe it or not, when you start writing, the whole world around you changes. It shapes differently: it manifests differently. (Or maybe, it’s just you who’s finally opened your eyes and become mindful of everything that takes place around you. ;))

Either way, rest assured that the world around you - whether you might be writing a historical or modern-set novel or a fantasy trilogy, as is my case with my twin sister @_MaddieHatter_ as The Carillon Twins - will always be your greatest inspiration place. You start living, and suddenly a thought comes to you, you had never before.

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What once was ‘normal’ charms you in awe, and most importantly, what was once unspoken, you have the power to make better, (bullism, environment, LGBTQ+, women). As for my twin sister and I, this is the leitmotif in our writing, whether that may be aspects you can easily find in our trilogy project, or messages depicted through our poems and short stories.

This is the story of how our book came to be, how words and worlds collided, and moulded, and created. This is the story of how two writers fell into each other’s arms, breathed each other’s ink, and that ink started pouring love.

The Carillon Twins
The Carillon Twins
Alyssa O’Rowane
Alyssa O’Rowane

November 27th, 2020

‘Once upon a time...’
A perfect beginning for a fairytale which hasn’t yet met its ‘happy ever after’. But a soothing flow of its own, our writing has indeed found.

Well, how do you mark a new beginning? How do you set apart dawn from sunset?

For us, it all started with...


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Ahhh, talks. How many of us get those anxiety butterflies in their stomach at the sole mention of that ‘we need to talk’? And still, how many more people seek out ‘to talk’ to finally relieve a past burden or to share off their dreams?

We fell into this latter category.

And since then, our journey began. A journey made up of ink, paper, pencil and rubber. Of plotting, heartbeats and thoughts. Of hand callouses, rather than sweat.

Each word, then each poem, then each short story became a reminiscence all in itself. Altogether, a living, breathing journal that, since November 27th, 2020, is still writing in its own pages.

I once read you should always remember the date in which you find out your purpose in life. Well, both me and @_MaddieHatter_, we’ve always wished to become, one day, published authors. But no matter the ideas flowing in, we would always get stuck. It felt inevitable, the doom of a writer.

But November 27th, 2020, date of rebirth, date of fantasy.
November 27th, 2020, taught us happiness.

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April 3rd, 2021

When we’d have all of our main ideas about the trilogy clear and sorted out, (ALERT: control-freaks zone!) we would consider coming back to Commaful. At first, that was a promise all for ourselves, another way of daydreaming while sketching and planning out the first features of a realm yet unknown. Then, unexpectedly, Commaful became a way to let our fantasy catch up with the reality surrounding us.

If you’ve read some other of my articles, you already know how deeply in love I am with Commaful. It clearly shows through.

If We Heart It is my safe-haven for visual inspiration (I have a veeery image-based memory, and WHI might have heavily contributed to that...), for quotes and article writing, Commaful is its equivalent as regards short stories and poems.

I’ve always felt very strongly about the lack of possibilities to communicate with my own followers on We Heart It: hence, one year ago, in 2020, I’d already took the chance to further spread my values through poetry on Commaful and get in touch with my readers. How incredible that felt, you ask? Tons, honestly! (but you may know better if you join yourself!)

LITTLE SECRET: I’ve left a unique link generated from our profile for you to try out Commaful. How cool is that? Now shhh, remember it's a secret: go check that out at the end of the article! ;)

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That year, through Commaful and through its spellbinding, sweet people, I not only crafted some of my best stories (to this day, 'I Once Saw A Butterfly...', 'The Black Woman In Tears' and 'I Once Had A Friend...' are still trending on the site as manifests for the BLM community); I also got inspired to write the We Heart It articles I am most proud about to this day - all ranked between 10k - 20k reads and hearts, as requested by my own readership. Just think about Ash, who wanted to freely speak up about their autism, or again, about my BLM and productivity articles.

Ash's story - their fight against stigma towards autism
My summer 2020 productivity article + summer 2021 update
Speaking up for the BLM community

Nevertheless, new beginnings always feel scary. If they don’t, it is the dream that doesn’t pump fast enough in your blood and soul. Or so I've always believed.

After all, also Inej’s father (Six of Crows duology), used to state, over and over, that "when you’re scared, it means something big is going to happen."

And this time, that ‘something big’ felt just right.

My twin sister and I decided to set up our new Commaful profile as The Carillon Twins on April 3rd, 2021. I still owed a Q&A to my Commaful followers and after having taken some months break from social media, this is how @_MaddieHatter and I explained our motives:

‘And then, like a breeze of wind, a childhood dream had become a life aspiration’
Short answer: I took a break from social media to work on a long-term project with my twin sister, that is hopefully, the publication of our fantasy trilogy.
Long answer: (bear with me for all of it, if you dare)
Basically, the ‘Forget Me Not’ trilogy, its characters and the world they live in, Faramund, have always been on our mind, though never did we consider making it into something more serious before; this world, its quirks and perks has always been the game of our childhood, one we’d use our toys to enter into, to communicate with, and to get lost in whole afternoons. Then one day, one of our teachers talked about dreams, making them come true, to be finally able to say within us only e day, that we’ve could make that child - that we once were, and that all of us most of the times, end up losing along the way - proud of what we had accomplished. And since writing a novel has always been for both of us a lifelong ambition, her words clicked with us, and definitely got us over our lifelong companion, the writer’s block.
For the last months, all we’ve been up to was drafting our world, sketching the characters, further developing our idea, honing our skills as writers by writing fantasy-related short stories and poems: what was clear to us since the beginning was that we wanted an immersive world, diverse characters, and relatable backstories and struggles. That’s why we decided to take a break from social media and the main reason why I have been inactive both on my Commaful and on my We Heart It too - we wanted to fully focus on our story concept, develop a strong voice and theme, and only then, would we start posting again.

Now, only four months later and almost 2500 followers from that awkward Q&A and our first ballad posted on the site, 'To Kill A Dragon', we can already state that it’s been beautiful, to share our own insights on writing, to share glimpses of our original universe and OCs, to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and also, against animal abuse.

To make a change, one must feel it from within.

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July 14th, 2021

Ironically, our first WHI article was ready, polished and published on July 14th, 2021, morning, around 10.30 - 11.00. Why ironically, you wonder? One of our main OCs’ birthday, René Theodorus Buldreen's, is exactly on July 14th, 2021.

For trusting in fate and timing, one is always rewarded, we could see! :)

Jokes aside, that article honestly took SO long to write just because we would never be satisfied with it (ALERT: control-freaks zone returns!). Plus, school was time consuming, as usual, and we were keeping up a heavy schedule of daily posting on Commaful.

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But worry not, o’ fellow wanderer! For we didn’t curl up in procrastination and its lousy ways: we fought against it!
We decided to work first things first on our original universe and OCs collections and finally, during our long-wished, long-sought summer holidays, just about two week ago, we managed to hit publish.

The article is out now - and very well, having achieved its first 1,2k reads -: it conveys general characteristics about our OCs, a synopsis of our first book-in-the-making, and all the values and communities we intend to advocate for. And much, much more! (fandoms included)

The beginning of our journey as writers of the 'Forget Me Not' fantasy trilogy

To get such a huge and lovely support from you guys in the span of only about one month since @_MaddieHatter_ and I set up our common profile as The Carillon Twins truly moves us and honors us deeply. The most heartfelt thank you goes to all those who have read and rehearted the article or followed us and our new collections: it really means the whole world to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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July 20th, 2021

I’m writing this article by an open window, by the summer breeze, and the fatherly sun, and the hammering sound of the cricket chanting his own tales of newfound love. Today, July 20th, 2021, 12.54 am, at 17 years and ten months of age, I would just like to write this down: I am happy.

The Carillon Twins is growing as smoothly and swiftly as it had never occurred us it would, both here on We Heart It and on Commaful.

Besides, we have finally begun to really follow our dreams and catch up with our own expectations. We are trying to forge for ourselves that future we have always only dared to dream about, without ever peaking in, since we were but little children writing stories about their teachers and friends. At 17 years of age, almost 18, my twin sister and I, we have discovered what it means, to be happy in what you do and in what you want to be.

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And if you are just finding out now what your life ambition may be or still haven’t taken that first step forward, let this article be a motivation to you to strive further and try. Because there is no hurting in trying. There could never be.
Hurt, on the other hand, is regret made heartbeat.

How many paths are there for us to walk, in order for us to understand where we belong and what is home!
When in doubt, never let anyone tell you how 'delusional' your goal may be. The heart isn’t to be commanded, they say. Even more, by the failures of others.

And I would eagerly add, to walk on the clouds is to at least work the courage to try to reach the sky. That can be done only once in a lifetime, when we answer to what feel our calling to be.

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For The Carillon Twins, words, and books, and poetry, and tales answer to the call of 'home'. They feel like the right place to be at.

At 17, one can be foolish, helplessly in love, one can feel insanely lost, wasting hours that will never come back, one may still be on a quest to find their own route.

But we found ours, and ever since we did, time slowed down and the dances were declared open, as if in a fairytale: for the wind will everblue guide us, and if we cross our Coins of Fortune, they will spin for us.

We have no doubt about that.

None anymore.

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