did you really think we would make it this far? i'm left grateful but also in despair. you've stabbed a knife through my heart, only to dig it even deeper. my wound is seeping black blood, the poison that created a rift between us. i see you in my reflection, face to face, the person i once loved. i'm wallowing in my pain, drinking every last drop of my sadness, anger, hatred, love, happiness. a concoction of my emotions, intoxicated to the rim. maybe it was meant to be, and i know nothing lasts forever. i feel a sense of painful nostalgia thinking of the times we spent so preciously. our synchronized laughter, all the memories we had. you'll be just like the last one, and i fear a new one. this was my warning from the start, a prophecy i had all in the beginning. it turns out i was right all along. i've learned, i've loved, i've got my heart broken too many times, and i realized not even love can fix it at this point. tear stained cheeks and closed eyes, drifting away to another reality, one where i don't have face you. soon you'll just be another memory of mine, though our only farewell was a simple goodnight. that was a lie of course, but that's something you seem used to doing. those who fall in love play a risky game, and all it takes is the heart, i believe the most fragile organ in the body. the most common outcome of this game is heartbreak, and seldom true success. i don't mean to be a pessimist, but the honeymoon phase does fade. it's a lottery of feelings, and i was too quick to play the game. in an instant, the person i believed was my soulmate was vanished from thin air. we've become strangers with each other's secrets, though i promise to keep them at all costs. i was shocked to find out how fast you can fall out of love just as you fell in love. i've been eternally scarred by your words, it's tattooed all over me. i will never forget how you made me feel, the good and the bad. but nothing you say can heal the damage that's already been done, there's no bandaid this time. i indulged myself too much, invested all my time and made too much effort, that i worry it was never fully reciprocated. these are my final words, and tomorrow will be a new month, a new day, a place to start over. i know who i am, and i will grow from this experience, in which i hope you can too. we stand on two separate paths, and though they may never cross, i hope you find joy in the end, just like i will.