It's like running on a field filled with flowers and butterflies. I'm running with you, except, you're not completely there. You're there, and then you're not. It feels like I'm the only one, who wants to just to run with you, and no one else, and it's just some times, that you want to run with me too. Maybe I'm not the only one, you want to run with. Maybe you don't even see the flowers or butterflies around you. Around us.

I crave the feeling, of acceptance and interest from you, and you, you're so goddam good at giving it. That's why I forget sometimes, that you and I, are running on two completely different fields. One is filled with beautiful and colorful flowers and perfectly detailed butterflies, and the other, well the other one, is plain and simple, but at the same time filled with incredible plants and insects, never seen before. Both fields have a lot to offer, a lot of secret to be discovered, but only one carries true love.

Therefore, as soon as you leave, and it's just me, running by myself, in the field. The flowers starts to become colorless and the butterflies less detailed, and it starts to get harder to run, and less fun. That's when the wall shows up, and I run right into it, and then I do it again, and again, and again and I can't stop. I can't stop because I'm stuck and well, I still have hope, hope that one day when you come back, you'll see the butterflies and flowers, and you'll for once, see me.

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Photo from: @crisvalentecris