this is ordered from least expensive to most expensive
leg warmers

(っˆ ³(ˊ ᵕ ˋก )

faceless image aesthetic, girl, and cute image fashion image fashion image
leg warmers can give you a very school girl feel, they will overall make your outfit more cute. also most likely inexpensive. avg. price ↪︎ 5-10 dollars ༉‧₊˚


ꜥꜤ૮( ˀ `𓄧´)੭

archive image air force, alt, and fishnets image aesthetic and grunge image alt, alternative, and emo image
hoodies will make your outfit more casual giving you a more laid-back feel. there are so many different styles and designs with hoodies, it can be very fun to play with the different kinds in your outfit. avg. price ↪︎ 15-30 dollars ༉‧₊˚

baggy pants


Image removed icon, fashion, and girl image streetwear, tote bag, and baggy pants image bus, baggy, and fashion image
baggy pants/jeans have always stayed big in the street wear and skating community it gives of the boyish kind of look, and paired with a matching baggy shirt it can not be beat. avg. price ↪︎ 20-40 dollars ༉‧₊˚



animals, backpack, and bunny image aesthetic, backpack, and fashion image Abusive image aesthetic, boy, and boys image
backpacks are personally my fan favorite compared to purses they carry more are easier to transport and are way cooler. avg. price ↪︎ 30-80 dollars ༉‧₊˚


₍ᐢ˶• ˔ กᐢ₎

emo and goth image chin, girl, and short hair image girl and pfp image drain, headphones, and school image
not only can you genuienly use these in public they add to your outfit. whether you want a cyber sort of look or you want to seem disconected from the world and mysterious headphones or any kind are super cool. avg. price ↪︎ 20-100 dollars ༉‧₊˚