Fashion. Style. Trends. Influencers. Seems ALL OF IT PERTAINS ONLY TO NEAR CHILDREN. (no shade intended—y’all are absolutely fabulous!). HOWEVER, with each passing day, I note the further absence of the presence of MATURE WOMEN! Why is this?

Are we afraid of these youngsters? Afraid of the technology to “play’ in same sandbox? Afraid our bodies, faces, & style or points of view have become irrelevant? Do we “pretend” we have no interest or are above such nonsense? That just cannot be. Though we’re the cohort that worked so damn hard to win the youngsters so many of the freedoms and opportunities the young enjoy; why have WE opted out?

!WE MARCHED. WE CREATED NEW POLICIES. WE WORKED FUCKING HARD FOR SO MUCH. And, yes, we were NOT consumed with fashion, style or trends. We didn’t use our bodies as commodify—Goddess forbid‼️ Or at least I did not. Myself and my cohort were out for only one thing; to improve this world for the less-advantaged, and women fall soundly into that group! My daughter cannot imagine HAVING to wear something called pantyhose to work—or being sent home. Yet that was quite true when I began working in downtown SFO at age 18! Think on that.

My studies, self-funded, over the span of eleven years, under the tutelage of the likes Dr. Angela Davis & other ass-kicking, paradigm changers at spots as obscure as SFO City College, Cal State SFO (the REAL spot where the cultural studies wars/riots began), & ultimately, boughee U.S.C.-The Annenberg School, where I, an Iowa lower-middle class kid, w/ NO familial support, managed to graduate first in class, and garner myriad awards for studies on e,g. a “new phenomenon” called Date Rape (ha! old as dates have existed!) did not have the time or money to worry about fashion.

My career in Women”s and Children’s Health and Family Planning in International Development did NOT provide me with funds for fashion either. The salaries were abysmal. But my world travel DID fuel my style imagination, as well as expose me to continental fashions. Little by little, I’d forgo using per diems for outings for food—and save them up to purchase say, one luxe item per assignment, from a country unavailable at home in D.C. or NYC. Or perhaps a piece of original art, or a Central Asian rug. My tastes were were developing; no cameras required to document!

Yet.... I’ve deeply loved and secretly studied fashion and its history since maybe the fourth grade! What a true Gemini and inner juxtaposition I always had to contend with. A truly crying LIB, with a bleeding heart on my sleeve—yet secretly I longed for that sleeve to be a vintage Lanvin or Diane von Furstenberg (NOT produced in China! Try finding them; recently I dropped out of the bidding on one in “okay” condition at $779. I happen to sew, thus am able to repair many vintage pieces—but clearly the dress was going to hit $1000.) which IS high for a dress needing a lot of work.

I recall attending (alone) a Shakespeare In the Park performance in the sixth grade, w/ a headscarf tied as artfully as a 12-year-old can, just as Id seen in my latest VOGUE, purchased w/ my babysitting funds.... I FELT gorgeous, though likely looked ridiculous. My seventh grade pride and joy was a baby blue/denim, Bobble Brooks top-stitched, pantsuit. Oh man. I felt like “the shit!” donning it! I sure wish I had kept it); I happen to be the same size still.

Because now I do sell clothes (not many from my PERSONAL closet), but nonetheless, do happen to have a semi-professional photography/lighting set-up and DO feel comfortable w/ tons of “socials” APPs. However, I refuse to edit my face or body. I am who I am SAM! And I’m 100% great with how I look (no plastics, fillers, injections and such, but that’s ME+to each their OWN !) . I only LONG to see MORE mature women, of ALL walks of life, sharing their style 👍🏽

Perhaps because I understand my worth does NOT emanate from my looks, rather from my brain, fear of ridicule doesn’t enter my mind. Or should someone ridicule me.... well, politely said, I do not give a shit! Just keep scrolling. No harm—no foul 🤷🏼‍♀️

BUT, to all of the BRANDS (!!) you SHOULD take a second to look. Why? Because we women who NOW in our 50+ years,, have DEEP POCKETBOOKS. We are the ones who purchase “spency items frequently. We CAN! We've built wealth. We LOVE our armour, also known as fashion/clothing. And we”lol cough up funds for what makes us FEEL fabulous! We also adore makeup and skincare. BRANDS!? Do you truly believe it’s the 18-25 group that drop thousands at a time.? YOUR LOSS IF YOU DO,

SO. Why aren’t brands looking to support more mature Influencers? Please get back to me on this query’. My Poshmark Closet: which sells vintage, used, and new mid-priced items has accrued close to 150 thousand followers. I have a large group of ‘regulars,” wanting assistances with “looks!” Perhaps because they feel so very ignored 🤷🏼‍♀️

Let’s all give this topic a second or two of thought. We’re fantastic, hungry for attention, and by Goddess if we aren’t LOYAL. Who WOULDN”T want our business? Is ANYONE out there?