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let me preface this by saying that i had the most fun writing this! so many dance breaks were involved in the making of this!

1. a song with a number in the title

aesthetic, chill, and girls image beach, sky, and sea image sky, aesthetic, and blue image beach, girl, and summer image
summer at 7 - RUSS

2. a song from your childhood

aesthetic, friendship, and friendship pic image party, grunge, and indie image friends, girl, and party image party, drink, and alcohol image
up all night - one direction

3. a song you discovered this month

plants, people, and body image 777 and quotes image Image by Ɗaωƞ ℱཞoՏt ️ Image by O H H O N E Y
believe it - chris-n-teeb

4. a song to drive to

aesthetic, indie, and man image alternative, flowers, and indie image Island, paradise, and sea image couple, love, and beach image
boyfriend - coin

5. a song that you know by heart

love, couple, and black love image soulmate, text, and text message image beige, book, and tan indie image asian, fashion, and korean image
la vie en rose - edith piaf

6. a song that reminds you of your best friend

girls image bff, friendship, and travel image aesthetic, archive, and fashion image Temporarily removed
paradise - bazzi

7. a song you don't like anymore

aesthetic image Temporarily removed Image by iwasalilac_sky Image by mack
partner in crime - chole collins

8. a song you listen to at 3am

quotes, pink, and words image cartoon, bubbles, and angry image fire, music video, and good 4 u image Temporarily removed
good 4 u - olivia roderigo

9. a song with a long title

jhene aiko image calm, cleanse, and energy image beautiful, decisions, and quotes image never image
happiness over everything (h.o.e.) - jhene aiko, future, miguel

10. a song you dedicated to yourself

gabrielle union image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cher, quotes, and girl power image
successful - Ariana grande

11. a song you will play at your wedding

wedding image bride, fairytale, and glamour image wedding and castle image wedding image
ma belle evangeline - jim cummings, terence blanchard

12. a song with a color in the title

80s, prince, and prince rogers nelson image water, girl, and pale image space image purple, sky, and lightning image
purple rain - prince

13. a song that means a lot to you

new york and city image Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ Image by Jarbas Jacare city, nyc, and new york image
hey there delilah - plain white tees

14. a song with a location in the title

aesthetic, chill, and money image hollywood, vintage, and aesthetic image girls, glamour, and magazine image the end, vintage, and end image
hollywood - MARINA

15. a song that's stuck in your head

sunset, ocean, and nature image Image by Delaney Image by H sea and sunset image
golden - harry styles

16. a song that reminds you of your mom

80s, aesthetic, and summer image Abba, dancing queen, and mamma mia image Image by nic.2.0 earrings, jewelry, and gold image
dancing queen - abba

17. a song that calms you

beach, sky, and sea image aesthetic, nature, and pink image aesthetic, clouds, and pink image sky, pink, and aesthetic image
strawberry skies - kid travis

18. a song from a tv show

Image removed aesthetic, light blue, and vision board image stranger things season 3 image series, strange, and netflix image
rock you like a hurricane - scorpions

19. a song in a different language

couple, green, and aesthetic image aesthetic, grunge, and kiss image 90s, couple, and Angelina Jolie image couple, fashion, and love image
saudade - vitao, rael

20. a song you will never get tired of

love, the notebook, and dance image the notebook image clothes, couple, and fashion image the notebook image
I'll be seeing you - jimmy durante