It's dark and cold night with bright moonlight flashed sown in the streets. Olivia is walking back to her home after her shift, it's near midnight and she's walking down the streets alone. As she was walking

"Olivia" A voice rung inside her ear, she swiftly turned behind and looked forward who was it

"Who's that?" She yelled, her voice echoed back. Fear started to get inside her blood and flow all her body, she took a deep breath of air mixed with some confident. She started to walk fast, every steps she took made her feel super confident. She felt someone gaze on her and following her. She looked from the side, it's a guy probably near his 20's . He followed her, she felt her confident drain off slowly.

They walked down the bus stop, Late Night Dine Right and a public park. She was so confused who would it be, she never borrowed money or cheated with someone or steal. She goes to her Cafe and works late night and comes home. Also in weekends she spend her time with her friends or be at home sleeping.

As she was thinking who would it be, the guy who was following her disappeared, she searched for him. She felt happy and turned to walk to her home and he was standing in front of her. She stood their in aghast, she felt her brain stop as well as her heart. She just pushed him and started running, she was scared as well as surprised that she could run so fast. That stranger was also running behind her, her legs wobbled. She felt Her leg started to ache but her house is only a street away.

She somehow got to her home's porch, the stranger is getting near her. Her key is inside her bag, every step he kept her heart started to leap inside her heart. Atlast she found the key, she ran to the door. Her hands shivered in fear, atlast she opened the door and locked the door behind. The lights switched on itself and many of them stood up and shouted

"Happy birthday Olivia" All yelled and Olivia stood their in surprise mixed with happiness and anger.


alone, alternative, and street image