Edward Cullen

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I don't want to hear it! If Edward Cullen wasn't one of your first book boyfriends you either never read these books as a 13 year old, or you just never read these books, and for that I'm truly sorry (for you, not for me, because I did).

Augustus Waters

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This MF made me cry more than any ex-boyfriend EVER DID, we did not deserve him and he didn't deserve his ending :( I also have to give credit to Ansel Elgort for honestly playing this role even better than anything I could have come up with while I was reading this book almost 10 years ago.

Josh Templeman

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Josh was the dream book boyfriend, super serious and grump, but a big ol softy on the inside. I used a picture of Robbie Amell because he was supposed to play Josh in the movie :'( he's now been replaced by another actor sigh

Hardin Scott

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Let me have my toxic boyfriend, ok?

Ollie Bright

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I don't know who I loved more, Ollie in the books, or Nick Robinson AS Ollie. Hot damn, that long hair