First, for you who parachuted in here, my name is Natalia and I'm a Christian girl. Nice to meet you!
Anyone who is Christian and doesn't listen to secular music knows how difficult it is to find music that fits your style but also doesn't dishonor the Lord. For me, at least it was like that.
But for you doesn't have to be, so I'm going to list some songs that I listen to and super recommend.

1 - Until The Night's Gone by Graceful Closure;

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This song is amazing, is about stay with the Lord until the difficulties pass, and it has a very strong rhythm, it looks a lot like electronic.

2 - Love Lifting Me by Tasha Layton;

Image by ༄໋࣭࣭:mandy۰ ݈݈-݇

This one is more pop, has a very contagious beat. It's about God rescuing us when we're in a vulnerable time.

3 - When I'm With You by Citizen Way;

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This one is also pop, it's about us beeing able to be ourselves with God, without pretending.

4 - Trust In You by Antoine Bradford;

Image by DiorInfant

This music is more soul, I love this one and this singer is very talented. It's about trust in God even when we don't want.

5 - Like a Match by TobyMac.

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This is pop, have a lot of trumpets in the music, what makes contagious. It's about preach the Gospel.

That's it, thank you so much for reading this far. I hope it helped you. God bless you and thank you for existing.