hi! today was my birthday and i found myself in different kinds of mood, and every five minutes i wanted a song with a different vibe.
i usualy listen to bts songs because they are always the best, and a bit of other kpop music like blackpink, exo, nct, txt, twice, everglow and other perfect bands.
so, i made myself a strange playlist with a mix of kpop songs that matches different vibes:

1.anpanman, bts
2.boss, nct u
3.the truth untold, bts
4.permission to dance, bts
5.ddu-du-ddu, blackpink
6.dachiwta, bts
7.love shot, exo
8.clarity, blackpink
9.make a wish, nct u
10.hwaa, g-idle
11.dun dun, ever glow
12.cat & dog, txt
13.mmmh, exo
14.lovesick girls
15.life goes on, bts
16.flash, x1
17.wannabe, golden child
18.chicken noodle soup, bts
19. we are bulletproof: the eternal,bts
20.more, twice

i think you can understand the kind of mood i've had today, if you read this playlist. you should try it and see how it helps to change your mood!