I think I started watching anime about 4 or 5 years ago it probably was the best decision I ever made. In that time I have managed to watch so many good animes but If I was going to recommend anyone to start watching anime, here would be my top recommendations.

midori days image
+Midori Days+ Slice of life, romance, cute. This is a lesser-known anime I think it’s a bit weird but I loved every second of it.
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+The Promise Neverland+ This anime came out last year but I didn’t end up watching it till this year. You might think the story is going one way but takes a completely different turn. Definitely, a must-watch if you like Dark fantasy and sci-fi.
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+Angel Beats+ This anime is so good. I was recommended to watch it by a friend and I am so glad I did.
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+Angels of Death+ This is a horror anime. It might seem like a dark anime but watch. It is so good and has a very interesting theme. My favorite character was definitely Zack lol.
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+Snow White with the Red Hair+ This is a romance, drama, and fantasy anime. It has very strong characters and was an easy watch.
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+The Ancient Magnus Bride+ Dark fantasy Mystery Supernatural. I was very surprised by this one. It’s very unique and intriguing.
anime, manga, and tenkuu shinpan image anime, high rise invasion, and tenkuu shinpan image
+High Rise Invasion+ Action, survival horror if you liked Angel Beats, the promised neverland, or angels of death you are probably going to like this one.
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+Toradora+ Romance, a slice of life, and comedy anime. One of my favorites that after writing this I’m probably going to rewatch.
Image by Yaoi_fan_ass hunter x hunter image
+Hunter X Hunter Action, shounen, Literally loved this anime so much. Even named my cat after killua.
manga, kageyama tobio, and bokuto image haikyuu, nishinoya, and anime image
+Haikyuu+ This is a Sports-based anime. If you like volleyball and being inspired watching it.
Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
+Strawberry Panic+ LGBTQ, Romance, Yuri. This is one of the few female queer-based animes I’ve seen. It’s an older anime and I just love the style of it.
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+Ouran High School Host Club+ I like to call this the gateway anime. So many people have told me this was their first anime. I’ve watched this so many times. Romantic, reserved harem, comedy.

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