Last year I wrote an article "If My Life were A Movie Song Playlist'' so I decided to sum up my month in songs. If you haven't read that definitely go check it out for a mix of genres of song recommendations. Not sure how everyone else month has been but mine definitely had many ups and downs. But like always, vibing to some good music got me through it. Heres 8 alternative and pop songs that were on repeat all July.

• Morphine by Princess Nokia

• Good to Love by Fk Twigs

• Cyber Stockholm Syndrome By Rina Sawayama

• These Days R Mine by Johnny Goth

• Chance by Haley Kiyoko

• More than a friend by GIRLI

• Hush by The Marie’s

• Can I by Kehlani

If you haven’t heard any of these songs or artists go check them out. Here is the playlist link.

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