I began working on my first novel when I was 14 years old. I was certain by that age that writing fiction was something I definitely had to do to fulfill my life purpose. Every reassurance I received from my family, friends, teachers, and classmates that I was a talented writer was not only a pleasant surprise, but also what motivated me to keep going.

Before that, the first class award I ever received was "Most Creative Writer" in the third grade. When I first received it, I can remember wondering for a brief second if someone else would have a cooler certificate to take home, but that was another day I heard that calling, and I didn't want any other certificate at all.

In the following school years, I kept writing and being humbly surprised and grateful each time I received praise for my work in writing. I solidified my decision to become an author at 14 and began writing this story when I was a Freshman in high school, not necessarily knowing that I'd be proud of it enough to share it someday, but simply a way to respond to the artistic inspirations that I felt so deeply. The arts are my passion because I find that I feel the mood of the film, the book, the dance performance, and music in a reflective way.

Surrealism, science fiction, and romance are a couple of my favorite themes that I put into this first story as I learned how to be what I wanted to be.
I hope you enjoy the way that The Trouble with Dreamers merges the present and the future, dreams and reality, and confusion vs. direction.